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Admissions EssaysGeography The diverse nature of Geography has always attracted me to the subject, and the bridge it forms between the Arts and the Sciences reflects many of my interests. I am greatly enjoying the work which I am doing for the A level syllabus, on both the human and physical sides of the course, and would like to continue to study in both these fields. Geography gives the opportunity to accumulate a valuable range of skills, and I particularly enjoy the variety of analytical, numerical, bibliographical and research skills which I am called upon to use.

The study of Geography will enable me to consider complex interactions between the human and physical environments, and the scope for useful research within the subject is very appealing. I have attended a number of Geographical Association lectures organised by my local branch, and look forward to taking responsibility for my own work in response to such stimulus. My interest in Geography is reflected in my choice of supporting A level subjects. I have found them very helpful in furthering my understanding of issues such as ecology and the processing of raw data, where subjects overlap. The study of French has also helped me to appreciate European issues whilst maintaining a language which I enjoy. I plan to take a Gap Year with the G.A.P.

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Organisation, to work as a support teacher in a developing nation. This, I believe, will be a valuable experience, and allow me to gain some first hand case studies in social, spatial and physical geography, which may provide a foundation for further study. I am very interested in the developing world, and have actively supported Christian Aid campaigns, as well as speaking on the Economic and Environment Committee at a “Model United Nations” Conference. Whilst completing the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards, I have been able to improve my cartographic skills, and observe a variety of landscapes, which has added to my interest in physical geography.

Taking part in the Tall Ships race on an S.T.A schooner for my Gold Residential Award has also helped me to appreciate the value of team work and perseverance. During my free time I act with a youth theatre, and attend ballet, modern, tap and national dance lessons in which I have achieved advanced grades. Music is also important to me; I play the flute to Grade Eight standard and have various extra curricular commitments such as a wind ensemble and choral society. At the weekend I work as a sales assistant for W.H.Smith, and have also helped as an Oxfam Volunteer.

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