Reputable College Education Gives College Students an Advantage

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I believe a reputable college education gives college students an advantage at everyday life. A college graduate leads in any direction they want to precede in life with more extensive knowledge and confidence in facing life challenges. College is an opportunity for students to find their true selves by taking new responsibilities and becoming more independent. The knowledge and experiences you gain throughout your year in college help you advance and make better life choices.

The benefits of higher education in today’s world would be economic stability and security, self-confidence, and future success. College experiences help people to truly find themselves through personal growth. Higher education will expose you to ideas and topics with well-educated people, knowledge can always be consumed from these topics. Each year of college assists in bettering your self-esteem, your knowledge, and without even noticing you get the confidence to handle and deal with life experiences whether they relate to your career or daily life situations.

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I am expecting college to continue being a positive experience that will help shape me and allow me to discover what I am really capable of. I am hoping that college will give me the tools to succeed in both my future career and my everyday life. What I am looking for as I progress through the college experience are opportunities that will help me become an open minded, out of the box thinker. In the past I have faced obstacles that require a more dynamic thought process; which I feel would have been much easier to overcome if I was more educated. Thus far, in college, I have been required to think on many different levels in order to accomplish one or several goals. I would probably have to try several different approaches in order to reach an outcome, and I am more than willing to find those approaches.

Bigger and better opportunities will be offered to me through my courses and projects. My personal experiences have mostly come from small projects in middle school, high school, and college. These projects took many different attempts and failures until I learned my best way to overcome them. Not only were the results personally rewarding, but I was also starting to think more creatively and actively. As I gradually get into bigger projects and more extensive work, I hope to see my capabilities of doing things change drastically. I would like to continue expanding my knowledge and abilities to think more in depth and complete projects through.

In my opinion, the best way that people are bound to succeed in life is if they have an open mind and are willing to try new things. Those who are not willing to try new approaches to any type of problem may never truly feel as if they succeeded in life. This is why I come to class every day with an open mind and willingness to learn to challenge myself physically and mentally to overcome any obstacles that come my way. I would like to continue my college education to the point where I am satisfied with my knowledge and my confidence level is high enough to involve myself in many different conversations.

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