Commonwealth Games And Its Impact On Indian Wealth Tourism

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Countdown to the much anticipated Common Wealth Games of 2010 has already begin. Its a affair of pride for our state to host such an dramatic event for the first clip. Its an aureate chance for India to portray itself as a strong sporting and cultural state every bit good as an emerging economic power of the universe. New Delhi, the national capital of India is hosting the event and Jawaharlal Nehru bowl is the chief locale for this regard featuring event. Elite jocks and athleticss personalities from 85 states are take parting in this 12 yearss long multi -sports event which will be get down on 3rd October and ends on 14th October. Some of the athleticss that will be the high spot of Common Wealth Games 2010 are Cycling, Netball, Rugby, and Weightlifting, Shooting, Squash, Table Tennis, Aquatics, Athletics, Gymnastics, Hockey, Badminton, Basketball, Bowls, Boxing and Triathlon.

The history of Common Wealth Games dates back to 1930 when for the first clip Common Wealth Games were held in Hamilton, Canada. Earlier known as British Empire Games is the revised version of Olympic Games, which are held after every five old ages, whereas the Common Wealth Games are organized after every four old ages.

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The present position of Common Wealth Games has undergone assorted amendments in its current name from clip to clip before known as British Empire Games was changed into British Empire and Common Wealth Games in 1954, in 1970 it was renamed to British Common Wealth Games and eventually in 1978 the current name Common Wealth Games came into the being. These games are besides referred as ‘Friendly Games ” by the take parting states.

Common Wealth Games Federation ( CWGF )

With nucleus rule of Humanity, Equality, and Destiny, CWGF is an establishment that is responsible for forming and directing the proper organisation of games. It a group of all autonomous states all over the universe in malice of any continent or part or caste, colour, credo and different religions and traditions.

After the Olympic Games that are organized after every five old ages, common wealth games are the 2nd largest athletics events. One can see Asiatic Games besides as the bigger event but in Asiatic games merely Asiatic states participate.

Common wealth games are played non merely under full subject but they besides encourage the spread of instruction via athleticss development.

Influx of tourers:

Common wealth games 2010 will certainly be remembered as a singular event in the history of India. It is non merely a important affair for athleticss but besides for touristry industry in India. Harmonizing to an official estimations, Common Wealth Games 2010 is traveling to be great event. Around two million foreign tourers and 3.5 million tourers from different portion of India are likely to get in Delhi for Common Wealth Games 2010.

Harmonizing to ASSOCHAM, Common Wealth Games 2010 will convey an estimated 10 million international foreign tourers in 2010. One million of these tourers are expected to be international and another four million are predicted to be domestic tourers. These figures are merely for the period when Commonwealth Games will be forming in India.

The period taking up to the games is traveling to hold an even bigger impact on the state ‘s touristry industry. It seems that there will be a high rise in the figure of international riders from 25 million last twelvemonth to 45 million by 2010 and the figure of foreign tourers is besides expected to lift from 4.43 per centum to 10 per centum.

Common Wealth Games In India

Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games is a transnational, multi-sport event. Held every four old ages, it involves the elect jocks of the Commonwealth of Nations. Attendance at the Commonwealth Games is typically about 5,000 jocks. The Commonwealth Games Federation ( CGF ) is the organisation that is responsible for the way and control of the Commonwealth Games.

The first such event, so known as the British Empire Games, was held in 1930 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The name changed to British Empire and Commonwealth Games in 1954, to British Commonwealth Games in 1970 and assumed the current name of the Commonwealth Games in 1978.

Equally good as many Olympic athleticss, the Games besides include some athleticss that are played chiefly in Commonwealth states, such as lawn bowls, rugger fantans and netball.

There are presently 53 members of the Commonwealth of Nations, and 71 squads participate in the Games. The four component states of the United.

Plans of Action for Common Wealth Games 2010

The successful execution of Common Wealth Games 2010 lies in the custodies of five stakeholders who are accountable for an equal occurrence of games. These five key interest holders are:

  1.  Commonwealth Games Federation ( CGF )
  2.  Indian Olympics Association ( IOA )
  3.  Organizing Committee ( OC )
  4.  Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi ( GNCTD )
  5.  Government of India ( GoI )

These stakeholders are required to look after all necessary operations associated with the games. The stakeholders will besides acquire support from several ministries, sections and bureaus of Government of India and several local and municipal organic structures of Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Forming Committee ( OC )

Jarnail Singh, a former Secretary of the Government of India, was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and Suresh Kalmadi, president of Indian Olympic Association was appointed as caput of the forming commission for XIX Common Wealth Games 2010.

City Plans: Delhi the capital of India with blend of heritage and modern mentality is ready to host the common wealth games with full pride and honor. The old memorable memorials are being cleaned and revamped.

Assorted new coachs are supposed to be introduced during the event new Parkss are being established. Attempts are made to supply all the luxury services to the visitants and participants.

City Infrastructure: It is planned to link all the major finishs of Delhi with Metro before the beginning of games. All the tube Stationss are planned to be facilitated by Wi-Fi web.

A four-lane, 2.2 kilometer belowground stretch from Ringing Road to Lodhi will associate the Games Village to the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, cut downing going clip for jocks. Twelve new overpasss and several Bridgess and under-bridges have been planned to better route connectivity with the Games Villages and athleticss locales within the metropolis.

Road broadening is besides in advancement. The new eight-lane freeway from Gurgaon to Delhi is functional. A sum of 1,100 new low-floors, high-capacity air-conditioned coachs will provide on Delhi roads to ease commutation.

Civic Services: Hosting of such a large event requires the proper supply of civic comfortss to the participants and visitants. Delhi authorities is originating all the necessary stairss to over come this state of affairs. No authorities section is left separate for doing successful agreements for forming this major athleticss event in Delhi.

Delhi Electricity Board is working to increase production to over 5,880 mega Watts ( MW ) from the current 4,500 MW.

Delhi Jal Board is doing inaugural to increase H2O supply from the current 670 million gallons per twenty-four hours ( MGD ) to 941 MGD.

Twenty two new infirmaries are being constructed to supply immediate medical services at the clip of demand without blowing a hold of 2nd in intervention of any sick person. Particular trauma ambulances are besides in a manner of development for immediate header up with any exigency.

Nine new automated auto Parkss are constructed in countries closer to venue of games with a capacity for 7,500 vehicles.

The Queen ‘s wand

The wand was designed by Michael Foley, a alumnus of the National Institute of Design. It is a triangular subdivision of aluminum twisted into a spiral form and so coated with colored dirts collected from all the parts of India. The colored dirts are a first for the styling of a Queen ‘s Baton. A jewel-encrusted box was used to house the Queen ‘s message, which was laser-engraved onto a illumination 18 carat gold leaf-representative of the ancient Indian ‘patras. The Queen ‘s wand is ergonomically contoured for easiness of usage. It is 664 millimeters ( 26.1 in ) high, 34 millimeters ( 1.3 in ) broad at the base, and 86 millimeters ( 3.4 in ) broad at the top and weighs 1,900 gms ( 67 oz ) .

The Queen ‘s wand has a figure of technological characteristics including:

The ability to gaining control images and sound

Global placement system ( GPS ) engineering so the wand ‘s location can be tracked

Embedded light breathing rectifying tubes ( LEDs ) which will alter into the colors of a state ‘s flag whilst in that state

A text messaging capableness so that people can direct messages of praises and encouragement to the wand carriers throughout the relay

Aid To Other Industry:

Indian authorities is working really hard to carry through its end before the targeted clip. This event will play a cardinal function in hiking many industries and sectors such as touristry, selling, air power, sadvertising and cordial reception sectors. All these sectors are adding new characteristics, so that they can capture more figure of visitants during these games and add some gross to the Indian economic system.

Even the authorities has planned to supply some revenue enhancement inducements for hotel suites to be constructed in India for this extroverted Common Wealth Games 2010. Besides the authorities has extended a five twelvemonth revenue enhancement discount to the touristry industry to advance the growing of this industry in India. Another ambitious planning of Indian authorities is to learn English to low income persons like cab drivers, servers gate adult male and service staffs.

Major finishs to be affected by inflow of tourers:

Some of the major finishs that are traveling to be affected by the inflow of the tourers is the full National Capital Region ( NCR ) with chief focal point on the tourer parts of the of Agra and Jaipur. These two topographic points are really important on Indian tourer map due to the celebrated World Heritage Site Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and garrisons and castles of Jaipur.

Along with Agra and Jaipur, some other tourer finishs which are likely to be affected by the inflow of tourers are Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, Bhopal and Gwalior in Madya Pradesh, Gaya in Bihar and Puri in Orissa.

As Delhi is the chief locale for the Forth coming Common Wealth Games 2010, Government of India has taken many stairss for the improvisation and beautification of the Delhi. Keeping in position the immense inflow of tourers from across the Earth, Indian authorities is passing 1000000s on the development of transit installation, beautification and upgradation of old memorials of Delhi.

Finishs pitching up for CWG:

Himachal Pradesh

Some of the Indian provinces are be aftering their best to use this fantastic event in their favour.

Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation ( HPTDC ) making new ambitious concern programs to hike their touristry industry. Not merely these two Indian provinces but full North-Indian provinces are working hard to pull tonss of tourers during this mega athletics event.

Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation is giving more accent on the cordial reception sector. Keeping in position the coming Common Wealth Games 2010, particular bundles are designed to capture the attending of the participants and the athleticss lovers. These bundles are offered to advance the wellness touristry and wave the wellness loving tourers to see the calm beauty of this cragged province.


Another Indian province which has geared up for the approaching Commonwealth Games 2010. Haryana Tourism Ministry has launch a Bed and Breakfast strategy in the National Capital Region ( NCR ) following the foot prints of Delhi. Tourism Ministry has shortlisted some of the houses and guest houses holding better substructure and installations to suit the invitees. This will assist to bring forth gross for the section. Besides the Haryana authorities has completed building of 7,000 suites for the Common Wealth Games 2010 in New Delhi. These are built in the country of NCR. Staying 3000 suites will be completed by the terminal of 2009.


Uttaranchal is another province which is acquiring ready to pull such big figure of tourers. It has assorted alien locations to magnetize the visitants. Ananda Spa resort which is a renown universe broad as the Ayurvediac and spa Centre is besides situated in the lap of this cragged province. It is a nice option to rejuvenate owns head, organic structure and psyche.

Shubhyatra Suggestion Packages: suggests you some interesting circuit bundles to bask this Common Wealth Games. While basking this multi-sport event, tourers can besides see the broad assortment of alien locations and vegetations and zoologies which are the chief high spot of India. Some valuable circuit bundles which are recommended by the are:

  1. Golden Triangle Tour
  2. North-India Tour
  3. Splendurous Taj Mahal Tour
  4. Erotic Khajuraho with Taj Mahal Tour

Tourism in India during Common Wealth Games 2010

Nineteen Common Wealth Games, 2010 is anticipated to hold a great impact over the touristry industry of its host state, India. Millions of athletics lovers from all around the Earth are expected to make Delhi, India during this mega athletics extravaganza. Around 2 million foreign tourers and 3.5 million tourers from different parts of India are likely to get in Delhi for Common Wealth Games 2010.

All Indian touristry functionaries whether govt. or private are all geared up for approaching Common Wealth Games and are be aftering their best to acquire benefit from this mega event. Almost all countries of touristry sector are taken of better attention and shining to be good presented before tourers from every nook and corner of the universe.

Indian Govt. is besides taking tonss of enterprises in reenforcing Tourism sector of the state. Large revenue enhancement inducements are provided by govt. to put up new budget hotels and modify bing hotels in the state. In add-on, the authorities has extended a five-year revenue enhancement refund to the rubber-necking and touristry industry to bring forth occupations and increase development in this sector.

Indian Tourism ministry besides plans to form four shopping events in three provinces of the state to pull more tourers during the Common Wealth Games season in the state.

Keeping in head the immense inflow of foreign as good local tourers in Delhi during CWG, Delhi authorities is coming out with a helpline to turn to ailments every bit good as propagate basic information about the metropolis during the events as good after the season besides.

Medical Tourism during XIX Common Wealth Games in India

Common Wealth Games is assumed to hike Indian medical Tourism industry besides as tonss of athleticss fans will be geting India during the CWG and can profit from low-cost medical attention and intervention in India. Especially dental and decorative interventions are expected to derive from this expansive athletics event as interventions in these Fieldss are rather expensive outside India. As per this expectancy, about all popular wellness attention suppliers of the state are doing excess attempts for selling and pulling big figure of patients.

Guidelines for tourers during CWG 2010

As non many yearss are now left in beginning of 19th Common Wealth Games 2010, the Indian authorities has set guidelines for foreign tourers stressing more on frock codification and local imposts. The set of guidelines is set away as:

* Foreign tourers will be encouraged to adhere to proper frock codification and esteem local imposts. From frock codification means that the foreign visitants should adhere the local imposts predominating at the topographic points they visit, like temples and churches have dress codification like covering caput with piece of fabric before come ining or rinsing custodies before come ining all the tourers are expected to follow and esteem the local imposts and feelings of the vicinity.

* All hotels and circuit operators will develop two individuals to guarantee about the right followers of all safety norms and guidelines.

* Organizations will advance consciousness on the codification among sellers, contractors, cab drivers, circuit ushers, event direction companies etc. and would blacklist those who will be found go againsting the codification.

* Tourists can dial to toll free helpline numbers- 111 for different enquiries sing tourer topographic points in Delhi.

Particular Agreements for Common Wealth Games 2010

The chief slogan of forming Common Wealth Games is the spread of Friendship and Fraternity among the Nations. The 19th Common Wealth Games 2010 are traveling far beyond the feeling of friendly relationship and fraternity, this clip they are traveling to contend indirectly against the panic besides.

None of the universe ‘s state is left untasted from the devil of terrorist act ; it has extended its pess everyplace. Menaces of panic onslaught are really common on the juncture of any international degree mega event and same is the instance with XIX Common Wealth Games 2010.

India, the hosting state for XIX Common Wealth Games 2010 has been continuously threatened against the smooth organisation of this mega event but as usual panic menaces are unable to agitate strong findings of take parting states and participants of this mega event.

Indian Government is looking frontward to this mega athletics event and is determined for the successful organisation of games. Along with all other readyings, certain particular agreements have besides been made by Indian Government for reviewing take parting jocks and of class for the sound organisation of games.

Free Accommodation for take parting jocks and functionaries:

As per regulations of common wealth games federation the forming commission has announced free remaining installation to the recognized jocks from the take parting states at the Common Wealth Games Village.

Where as the high functionaries of Common Wealth Games Federation will be offered free remaining at the five star hotels and for local visit they will be facilitated by the luxury cabs with bodyguard transcriber, liaison officer and usher/escort.

Free trip to Taj Mahal:

The beauty of Taj Mahal has been really efficaciously described by the former US President Bill Clinton during his visit to India. In words of President “ the people populating in the universe may be divided into two classs – one those who have seen the Taj Mahal and the others those who have non seen ” . These words of US President adds more star on the beauty of Taj Mahal and vouch its acknowledgment of being known as one of the seven admiration of the World.

The forming commission has offered free visit to the Taj Mahal to all the take parting participants and functionaries of the take parting states at its ain disbursals during their leisure clip.


Around 2000 staff and 18,000 voluntaries are appointed for the smooth operation of games and these individuals will be responsible to look after assorted undertakings from the gap till the shutting and completion of games.

Each voluntary from the commissioned establishments are given the preparation of 26 hours and is expected to function for 80 hours of service. For their dedicated services the voluntaries will be honored with service certification, a souvenir medallion and will be entertained in a particular station CWG party.

Suitable Climatic Conditionss:

19th Common Wealth Games are being organized from 3rd October to 14 October in 2010 in India which once more calls for the best climatic conditions to play in India. The month of October is blessed with soft sunlight, cool zephyr and dry clime, all together doing the suited conditions for the jocks to vie on the land of India.

Time of this mega athletics event is an added advantage to pull more and more people to witness the event as this period of two months Oct-Nov is considered the ideal one for sing multicultural land of India. Organization of games during these months will add an advantage in successful organisation of these games.

Mobile Courts:

Delhi High Court has planned to put up several Mobile Courts through out the metropolis to relocate migratory mendicants from Delhi streets during the season of Common Wealth Games.

Transportation system:

Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, the major entree point to Delhi, location of XIX Common Wealth Games is besides modernized, expanded and upgraded with increased capacity.

Games small town and bowls will be interconnected through tube. It is planned to link all the major finishs of Delhi with Metro before the beginning of games. All the tube Stationss are planned to be facilitated by Wi-Fi web.

Overpasss, cloverleaf overpasss, and Bridgess are being constructed to better connectivity and cut down traffic jobs during Games. The Delhi authorities has planned to reserve a separate lane on all of import Delhi roads to forestall participants from traffic jobs while making their finishs during the Games season.

In response to concerns over the big figure of trains that pass by the Delhi metropolitan part daily, building of route under-bridges and over-bridges along railroad lines has been started. To spread out route substructure, overpasss, cloverleaf overpasss, and Bridgess have been planned to better links for the Games and metropolis in general. Road-widening undertakings have begun with an accent being placed on spread outing national main roads. To better traffic flow on bing roads, programs are afoot to do both the inner and outer Ring roads signal free. To back up its committedness to mass conveyance, nine corridors have been identified and are being constructed as High Capacity Bus Systems ( for illustration, one from Ambedkar Nagar to Red Fort ) . Six of these corridors are expected to be operational in 2010. Additionally, The Delhi Metro will be expanded to suit more people and hike the usage of public conveyance during the 2010 games. The tube will widen to Gurgaon and the Noida country. For this big addition in the size of the web, Delhi Metro will deploy 14 tunnel drilling machines.

Indira Gandhi International Airport is being modernised, expanded, and upgraded. Costing about $ 1.95 billion, Terminal 3 has improved airport rider capacity to more than 37 million riders a twelvemonth by 2010. A new track has been constructed, leting for more than 75 flights an hr. At more than 4400 meters long, it will be one of Asia ‘s longest.

The airdrome will be connected to the metropolis via a six-lane freeway ( Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway ) and the $ 580 million Delhi Airport Metro Express line.

Security Agreements:

India Plans Massive Security for 2010 Common Wealth Games. In an attempt to fasten security agreements in front of the 2010 Commonwealth Games here, the Centre has sanctioned creative activity of 5,000 extra stations in Delhi Police.

In readying for the Games and to advance security at major tourer finishs, Indian provinces will be deploying a force of “ tourist constabulary ” far before the beginning of Games.

Health Facilities:

A separate well equipped infirmary with all the luxury installations has been established in the common wealth games small town. The services of the well trained and good experient physicians will be utilized to supply best wellness installations to every one staying in small town.

Communicative Language:

Delhi authorities is implementing a course of study to learn English to low-income persons like cab drivers, servers, gatemen who will hold a high-frequency of contact with tourers.

From last two old ages, the metropolis has successfully taught 2,000 drivers in English and therefore go oning the plan to make as many people as possible before the Games. The metropolis is be aftering to learn English to about 1,000 people per month.

The Government of India is besides be aftering to spread out the plan to learn people in all dominant tourer finishs around Delhi.

Green Games

Logo for the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games being recognised as the first of all time “ Green Commonwealth Games ”

The organizers signed a Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU ) with the United Nations Environment Programme to demo the purpose to host a “ sustainable games ” and to take the environment into consideration when constructing and restituting locales. Thyagaraj Stadium is intended to be a cardinal illustration of environmentally considered building.

In resistance to this purpose, a figure of environmental contentions arose and the inauspicious ecological impact of assorted facets of the games has been protested by metropolis occupants.

City occupants filed a public involvement request to the Supreme Court of India against the felling of ‘heritage ‘ trees in the Siri Fort country to do manner for Games installations. The tribunal appointed designer Charles Correa to measure the impact and he badly criticised the designs on ecological evidences. In malice of this, in April 2009 the Supreme Court allowed the building on the evidences that “ much clip had been lost ” and “ the harm already caused to the environment could non be undone ” .

The Commonwealth Games small town, located on the inundation fields of the Yamuna, has besides been the topic of contentions about the flouting of ecological norms. After a drawn-out legal conflict between metropolis occupants and the province, building was permitted to go on on the footing of an order of the Supreme Court of India in July 2009, which held that the authorities had satisfied the demands of “ due procedure of the jurisprudence ” by publishing public notice of its purpose to get down building work in September 1999 ( a day of the month four old ages prior to the credence of Delhi ‘s command for the games ) .

Common Wealth Games Village

Delhi the capital of India is the host of Forth coming common wealth games and has been involved in its memorable organisation since its declaration in 2006. Delhi which is besides known as the political centre of Indian Politics had besides been the proud organiser of Asiatic Games twice in 1952 and 1981.

The organisation of 19th common wealth games has marked India, particularly Delhi as the most happening topographic point in the universe map. The developments and installations available in Delhi will indirectly picture the image of developments in India in forepart of whole universe.

The readying of such a large event has non been a cup of java for any state, and India can non be an exclusion to this. Since, the declaration of common wealth games, Indian authorities started its enterprise to successfully form this event without any societal, political or economical hurdle.

Particular Games Village is being developed along the east bank of the River Yamuna near popular Akshardham Temple by the Delhi Development Authority ( DDA ) and a Commonwealth Games bringing spouse.

This particular Games Village will reflect the blend of traditional Indian cordial reception and modern comfort in forepart of all participants of XIX Common Wealth Games 2010. The Games Village is stretched to the entire country of 158.4 acre covering 14 blocks, 34 towers and 1,168 air-conditioned residential flats to comfortably suit 8,000 jocks and squad functionary. The entire estimated building cost is expected to be 40 million US dollars.

Games small town will besides integrate developing Areas for jocks, impermanent operations and support offices other than the residential zone and play evidences. The small town is besides located in close propinquity to all competition and preparation locales as good Delhi ‘s popular landmarks such as the Humayun ‘s Tomb, Akshardham Temple, India Gate, etc

Along with the particular Games Village, five new outdoor bowls, one indoor bowl for weightlifting, Yamuna Complex for table tennis, Siri Fort for badminton and Gandhi Sports Complex for wrestling are besides constructed.

Other readying

In readying for an inflow of English-speaking tourers for the Games, the Delhi authorities is implementing a plan to learn English, and the necessary accomplishments for functioning tourers, to identify workers-such as cab drivers, security workers, servers, porters, and service staff. In the two old ages prior to the Games 2,000 drivers were taught English. The plan aims to learn 1,000 people English per month in the hope of making all cardinal workers by March 2010. In add-on to Delhi, the Indian Government programs to spread out the plan to learn people in local tourer finishs in other parts of India.

To fix for the energy-usage spike during the Games and to stop chronic power cuts in Delhi, the authorities is set abouting a big power-production enterprise to increase power production to 7,000 MW ( from the current 4,500 MW ) . To accomplish this end, the authorities programs to streamline the power distribution procedure, direct extra energy to Delhi, and build new power workss. In fact, the authorities has promised that by the terminal of 2010, Delhi will hold a excess of power.

In add-on to physical readying, India will offer free adjustment for all jocks at the Games Village, every bit good as free conveyance and other benefits, such as a free trip to the famed Taj Mahal and a reserved lane for participants on selected main roads. The Games Village will house over 8,000 jocks and functionaries for the Games. Indian provinces will develop province constabulary forces to manage tourist-related issues and deploy them prior to the Games. A large-scale building and “ beautification ” undertaking has resulted in the destruction of 100s of places and the supplanting of metropolis dwellers-at least 100,000 of New Delhi ‘s 160,000 homeless people have removed from shelters, some of which have been demolished. Bamboo screens have been erected around metropolis slums to separate visitants from the sights of the slums, a pattern which human rights candidates have deemed dishonest and immoral.

The Delhi High Court is set to implement a series of “ nomadic tribunals ” to be dispatched throughout Delhi to relocate migratory mendicants from Delhi streets. The nomadic tribunals would see each mendicant on a individual footing to find whether the mendicant should be sent back to his/her province of abode, or be permitted to stay in government-shelters.

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