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Commonwealth Stadium Project Assignment

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He also said that if hey are successful, the prospects for future projects are quite good since there are quite a few major stadiums in Canada that will need replacing in the next 25 years. Part One Given the information provided in the Technical Detail Description of the project, construct a network information chart and an NON network diagram and then answer the following questions: 1 . Will the project be completed by the June 1st project deadline? 2. How long will the project take? 3.

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Commonwealth Stadium Project Assignment
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What is (are) the critical path(s) of the project. 4. Should the company accept the contract if they win the bid? Part Two Bolton Construction wins the bid for the stadium and two months after the beginning of construction, the City of Toronto is awarded a major FIFE World Cup qualifying tournament which begins on May 1st, 2017. The city has 2 other stadiums that will be used, but they will also need the new Commonwealth Stadium in order to host all of the required games in the tournament.

The award of the tournament is contingent on the availability of the Commonwealth Stadium. The city must give FIFE an answer in 5 days. Charlie Muscleman is called to City Hall on the Wednesday morning of the World Cup announcement ND offered a bonus payment of $20,000 per day if he can finish the stadium in time for the World Cup qualifying Tournament on May 1st. Charlie goes back to his management team that afternoon and tells them to work out the numbers by Thursday night so he can give the Mayor an answer on Friday.

Given that Bolton Construction may net $million on the original project you must now crash the project using the Crash Costs and Crash Times given to you below, and develop a new NON network(s) and answer the following questions: 1 . Should they accept the challenge of trying to finish the stadium by May 1st? . Will they make or lose money? 3. What is the least cost solution to get the stadium completed by May 1st, 2017. 4.

What is (are) the new critical path(s)? CRASH COST and CRASH TIME DESCRIPTION Normal Time Crash Time Crash cost Drive support piling 120 days 115 days $5000/day Prepare construction storage 50 days 30 days $500/day Pour main concourse 110 days $3000/day Construct upper steel bowl 100 days Install seats 140 days 135 days $1500/day Install Jumbo Scoreboard 21 days $7500/day Stadium infrastructure 90 days $2000/day Construct steel canopy 75 days 60 days $2500/day

Build roof supports 80 days 65 days Confirm roof dimensions 10 days 5 days $4000/day Construct Roof 180 days 160 days Install Roof Commonwealth Stadium Group Project – Technical Detail Description The Stadium is an outdoor structure with a retractable roof. The project begins with clearing the site, an activity of 70 days. Once the site is clear, work can start simultaneously on the structure itself and demolishing an adjacent building.

This demolition is necessary to create a temporary construction storage area and warehouse for seating, lighting and infrastructure materials. It will take 20 says to demolish the buildings and another 50 days to prepare the temporary construction storage area. After the storage area is prepared, a temporary warehouse will be erected (30 days), to store construction materials and stadium components. The work on the stadium begins by driving 160 support pilings, which will take 120 days. Next comes the pouring of the lower concrete bowl (120 days).

Once this is done and the temporary construction storage area has been set up, then the pouring of the main concourse (120 days), the installation of the playing field (90 days), and the construction of the upper steel bowl (120 says) can occur. After the concourse, upper bowl and temporary warehouse are completed, work can start simultaneously on building the luxury boxes (90 days), installing the seats (140 days), installing the Jumbo Scoreboard (30 days), and installing the stadium infrastructure (120 days) which includes: bathrooms, lockers, restaurants, dressing rooms, media rooms, etc.

Once the seats are installed then the steel canopy can be constructed (75 days) followed by the installation of the lighting and sound systems (30 days). The retractable roof represents the most significant technical challenge to the project. Building the roof track supports (80 days) can begin after the lower concrete bowl is constructed. After this, the dimensions of the roof can be finalized (10 days) and the construction of the roof ATA separate site can begin (180 days).

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