Communication- A Systematic Process Essay

The process is involved how sender and receiver encode and decode the message. According to Griffin (2012), 38% of communication is based on use of the voice, 55% is a non-verbal communication and only about 7% of communication is related to the emotional meaning of message. Communication neutrally happened in daily lives from the moment of wake up in the morning until sleep at night, which is the process of the communication still persists (Beck, Bennet, & Wall, 2002). Communications can be classified into two major types that are verbal and non-verbal.

Verbal communications are sub-divided into two forms: face to face conversation and phone conversation, while non-verbal communications are sub-classified into four major categories: appearance, eye contact, body language and facial expression (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1). The first type of communication is verbal communication. Verbal communication refer to all word-of-mouth and not written explanations (Anthony, 1989). Verbal communications are sub-divided into two forms: face to face conversation and phone conversation. McQuail and Windahl (1993) believed that face to face conversation is involved by two or more persons in the communication that bring value information for them.

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Communication- A Systematic Process
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Face to face conversation is a communication in a positive way with other persons (Griffin, 2012). Face to face conversation is the way to reduce…


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