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Communication Security Paper

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Communication Security Paper

DQ1. What is communications security or COMSEC? Identify and describe the COMSEC subfields. How does COMSEC differ from other protection strategies? (Brief Responses)

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Communication Security Paper
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Communication Security is the aspect or field of promoting security standard in terms of telecommunication and information processes through promoting a system that is only applicable to the involved parties. In COMSEC, information is commonly converted from its initial human readable form to an unintelligible form to disguise its information for unauthorized interceptors and parties and subsequently, reconverting the disguised message to its original intelligent form for the intended receivers in the said message transmission.

In this field of security, the different forms of telecommunications are being tackled employing different medias to ensure the security protection of the information involved in the said concern. In the present, COMSEC is used in various fields such as Voice/Data, Manual/Electronic key, analog/ Digital information, Classified/ SBU, and Wired/Wireless.

In the field of COMSEC, each concerns and aspects are categorized in various subfields each having their particular function towards achieving effective security measure.

Some of the subfields in this aspect are encryption/decryption involved with the information conversion. Transmission controller which ensures the path and destination of each transmitted messages. Storage protection field which is involved with the storage facility security in both tangible and intangible concern and the control protocol regarding information database access. Security engineers which develop physical and technological media used in the application of security measures.

In general, the aspect of COMSEC is concerned in the promotion of security in telecommunication through employing the technological advancement in the said field by developing a strategy that is applicable only to the involved parties namely the algorithm for the encryption and decryption in the message. In traditional approach, to ensure the security for message transmission, people often do the task personally for protection. However, employing COMSEC, people can still connect messages through technological medium while still maintaining control and privacy in their messages.

DQ2. Briefly discuss the procedure for developing, locating, evaluating, and analyzing information.

            In the application of the communication security aspect, several fields are developed each focusing on the different concern of ensuring security and privacy in the midst of telecommunication. Included in these aspects are the field of developing, locating, evaluating, and analyzing information each significant to the collective communication security measure. In each of these fields, there are respective systematic procedure that are being followed to achieve security effectiveness in every concern. In the field of locating and evaluating, the concerned party for security first determine the geographical and physical factor involved in the transmission. Based on this, the party will determine the effective and efficient approach for information transmission and storage to achieve the desired security and privacy. For the developing and analyzing concern, the involved security party first create a systematic algorithm unique to their organization which will be used in the information disguise approach. This unique pattern will be isolated only to the said organization for the purpose of privacy. This will be followed by the creation of the hierarchy system of authority inside the organization determining the scope and limitation for information access including the integration and classification of information distribution within the said group. Third, the said system algorithm for the security strategy of the organization will be continuously changed to avoid pattern determination thus, ensuring the effectiveness of their communication security system.

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