Communication Studies Essay

The writer’s main point is that superstitions are highly overrated and can be proven to be fake via statistical data even though it is believed by most. This piece entitled “the leap year superstition” is a descriptive piece. It involves the collection of data via surveys, interviews or the internet to help show that superstitions are overrated and can be proved to be false. The writer gives a great analysis via the use of statistics, rhetorical questions, opinions, vocabulary, and etcetera.

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The method of delivery used by the writer shows the reader how educated and intelligent he/she is based on the vocabulary used in the extract. Some of the words are quite substantial and thus gives the reader an idea of the writer’s level of education. Also the use of statistics in the extract helps to emphasize on the factual data that has been collected and the research that has been done. It shows the reader the lengths of which the writer went to prove his point and this helps to captivate the reader.

It also shows data that is reliable as it is proven that ‘the leap year superstition’ is not true. The writer uses other techniques to develop her paragraph, one of which is the use of characters. He includes his normal family members like his mother with the skilled and well educated sociologist. By doing this he not only gets the opinion of a well educated individual but also the opinions of many average citizens like his friends and family, hence the reader can therefore relate to these people easier.

In the extract many forms of punctuation are used which sere to indicate the structure and organization of writing as well as intonation and pauses to be observed when reading text aloud. Punctuation marks such as full stops, commas and apostrophes are used but the most common is the question marks which follow after a rhetorical question. Furthermore, the writer uses rhetorical questions more than once in the passage which is quite effective in reader involvement.

It helps in maintaining interest in the reader and convinces the reader of the writer’s point of view. In retrospect, the writer uses many techniques and vocabulary while simultaneously incorporating statistical data, punctuation and characters. In doing so, the extract becomes quite appealing to the reader while also showing that superstitions are not always factual.

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