Comparative Education Pros and Cons

In this essay I will be looking at what comparative education is, comparing different countries in regards of their outcome in education, behaviour, results and the attitude of individuals towards education during school. Why some countries may be performing better than others and the obstacles that may occur when trying to resolve these issues or apply some practices that successful schools may use in order to achieve the best possible result. It will cover the schooling system in various of different countries, looking at what age individuals start school, if education is compulsory, what subjects are available etc.

What is comparative education?

Comparative education is the study of one or more countries. Comparative education establishes techniques to uniquely identify the strongest and weakest points of a topic. It examines education by using different types of data which are taken from practices and situations from another country. There are range of different purposes for comparative education such as describing the purpose of education outcome, underline the correlation between society and education and how it may effect individual. Assist the development of education and practices and to establish general. There are large scale studies that have made significant discovery through research and data analysis from variety of different countries.

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What comparative education is trying to achieve?

The main goal of comparative education is to improve Quality of educational system By looking at possible way to improve quality of teaching and schooling system . From the beginning of the 19th century corresponding with the rise of national system of education in Europe, travellers that had a Special interest in educational matters travelled around the world going to different countries to discover information and new practices that were carried out in the educational field which may be useful for monitoring the course of education in their own countries to see if there is a change within teaching and learning after these practices were applied within their own countries. Their main focus was on teacher training in instructional methods and alternatives to traditional iaccept curriculum where very important to them post op. By the end of the 19th century the importence of dynamic relationship knitting education and soc was recognised. Education was seen as the mirror of society but society in turn was moulded partly by schools.

Positives of comparative education

There are many different positives when looking at comparative education. It allows different countries to observe look at each other’s results and curriculum and see why other countries may be performing better than themselves and they may choose to imitate some of the practice and apply it within their education system in he hope to expand individuals skills and performance in education.

Negatives of comparative education

Majority of issues that occur when looking at comparative education are associated with social, cultural, political, and economic problems as several different countries have economic problems and factors, and others may be because of cultural barrier and political barriers. These further links to issues such as equal opportunity, curriculum relevance among other issues which are all interpreted differently in different cultures and educational systems. In consideration of these different interpretations it becomes tricky and sometimes misleading affair to make comparisons of educational system and issues across national boundaries.

Comparative studies also require a huge amount of money in order for the studies to be carried out such as money for travel expenses, equipment’s/resources. As well as this, iit can be very time consuming as time is essential in order to see progress of each student, school or education of a whole city with range of different types of schools. Comparing data of different countries can be difficult due to various of different reasons as they may have different subjects that are compulsory in each country, different number of hours that they attend school, age range etc.

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