Comparative Study Of The Professional Courier Commerce

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The aims of the research survey was to cognize, to what extent the company is cognizant about their service effectivity and besides to cognize to what widen the clients are satisfaction with the company service, it was besides to cognize whether the clients are satisfied with the company policies, and if they are satisfied so to what extent, and if they are disgruntled why so. and consequently to place strengths of company and failings where they lack in functioning their clients.

It was besides to cognize which are the country where the company has to set more of its attending and to function those countries in a better ways, And besides to place the job of the company and to urge suggestion on the footing of that and eventually to take the necessary steps on job identified for the company ensuing in the research survey.

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The study carried out was random sample study and the process followed for carry oning study was questionnaire method that is personally explicating the client about questionnaire and acquiring them filled, aiming to sum of 120 clients of both THE PROFESSIONAL COURIER and FIRST FLIGHT COURIER 6O of each company in three different location Mapusa Siolim, Arambol, Thivim, Pernem, Colvale and Panjim, study was conducted with random clients of the company ‘s. Questionnaires were filled personally by the employees besides personal interaction was made and positions about those inquiries was taken, which gave thought about client service effectivity of both the companies.

Customer Service Effectiveness

“Customer Service Effectiveness is the procedure by which your organisation delivers its services or merchandises in a manner that allows the client to entree them in the most efficient, just, cost effectual, and humanly satisfying and enjoyable mode possible. ”

Customer service is a procedure, non a set of actions that might include recognizing the client, smiling, inquiring if you can assist, etc. Effective client service is all about presenting the replies clients are seeking. How information is stored, augmented and organized will find how effectual any organisation ‘s client service attempts will be. The best knowledgebase engineering allows the client to steer the content, and construction of the knowledgebase, better the degree of service, and diminish the client service representatives workload.A

It recognize that different clients want to be treated in different ways. Not all clients are treated equal, and by traveling customer-by-customer, region-by-region and country-by-country, we build a usage suit that trades off efficiency and effectivity, acknowledging that we may really extinguish clients.

PROFESSIONAL COURIER gives employment to 1000s of people. It has turned 100s of ambitious draw a bead oning childs to be the proud Managers of an elect company. Much more, it is today a Courier organisation which is being looked upon by the others as a function theoretical account of what a messenger should be.

Today PROFESSIONAL COURIER in India has 20 Regional Offices, over 2485 Offices, over 5000 Collection Centers and easy good over 25,000 finishs, where bringing is possible, by far, the biggest Courier Network in India.

As a natural corollary to its growing enterprise, First Flight is in the procedure of puting up a big graduated table integrated Logistics Division to offer an full gamut of Warehousing, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Services and Distribution Channels, thereby supplying entire end-to-end solutions to clients.

In maintaining with times, First Flight continues to put significant attempt in constructing a State-of-the-art Super Information Technology main road.

First Flight ‘s committedness to corporate excellence and its longing for doing it a common family name opens floodgates of chances and challenges and to run into it head on, shall be the corner rock of its doctrine.


The method used to mensurate client service effectivity was foremost I meet clients of both companies asked them open ended inquiries verbally personal interaction as making pilot analyze the responses from all the clients was taken which resulted in the concluding questionnaire and the information was collected from the company employees, the consequence of survey will lend cognition about service proved by the company and to cognize how far it is effectual.

Pilot trial: The qualitative research trial was done with little sample size of 40 clients 20 of each messenger service supplying company. The inquiries were so framed based on their responses.

Research Plan: Once the job was identified, I prepare structured questionnaire for roll uping the information needed for the research. And so to analysis the informations collected before doing a decision.


The chief ground behind making client service effectivity study was to cognize how much the company is able to fulfill its client as it was founded on discoursing with the direction of the professional messenger and the first flight messenger that the public presentation of the companies was coming down.

The ground for making client service effectivity studies was besides to cognize as to what are those services which the clients Are accepting from the company and due to which the clients are non satisfied with the company service as a consequence the market portion of the company is diminishing.

As an external adviser, my intent in carry oning study with clients was to portion information for the common good. It will be confidentiality and I will utilize the information to help the company to do positive advancement


The above graphs tells us the users of both the service and how orphan they use the service we can see that clients of PROFESSIONAL COURIER uses service more clip than First FLIGHT messenger.


In the above graph we can clearly see that compared to first flight messenger the service bringing of the professional messenger is better as more figure of clients say it ‘s ever no clip were as no clients of professional messengers say it ‘s ne’er on clip but some clients of first flight messenger says it ‘s ne’er on clip.


With respects to the charges charged for the service given by the companies more clients of both the companies feels that it is charged at sensible monetary value. There in comparing both the companies are in a same place.


When it was inquiry of whether the company is able to run into your requested clip there were really few clients of both the companies who said it ‘s done ever but were bulk said seldom, sometimes, on occasion. But here while comparing we can state that professional messenger is better because there are merely 1 client who said it ‘s non at all done on clip but with the first flight messenger 5customer said it ‘s non at all done on clip.


When it was said that the service given by both the companies is worth the money you pay there was merely 1 client of PROFESSIONAL COURIER who was strongly along with 37 agreed but 7 clients of FIRST FLIGHT was strongly agree followed by 30 agree. Where we can reason first flight messenger is better than professional messenger.


In footings of attempts to be put in acquiring your service delivered the clients of both the companies have to set in more attempts as upper limit of the clients of both the companies said they have to set more and tonss of attempt. So here we can reason both the companies are hebdomad here.


Acceptation when it was said that the service is given to the clients as per their acceptation 44 clients of PROFESSIONAL COURIER was strongly agree and agree were else 37 clients of FIRST FLIGHT was strongly agree and agree. From this we can state that in comparing to FIRST FLIGHT the PROFESSIONAL COURIER is better in run intoing the acceptation of the clients.


In footings of order to be delivered where and when it is asked clients of both the companies looks like clients are satisfied with the this service of the company. But if you see gain many take a impersonal base. Where they are non included neither in agree state of affairs nor disagree state of affairs. Therefore compared to FIRST FLIGHT, the PROFESSIONAL COURIER is small spot in better place in term of accurate bringing.


First it was whether the clients have used other courier service than what they are utilizing now. All the clients said YES they have used. Were 30 clients of PROFESSIONAL COURIER and 31 clients of FIRST FLIGHT said its same. Where else 28 felt better and merely 2 said worse of PROFESSIONAL COURIER. But of FIRST FLIGHT 25 said its same and 4 said its worse. Here once more we can reason to some extent professional messenger is better than first flight


In the above graph we can see how many times the clients have used the service in last 6 months. But there are non much clients who have used this service for 30 or more than 30 in last 6 month for both companies.


When it was asked whether the client of the company will utilize the service in future once more about equal figure of client of both the companies said decidedly would. But there were some of both the companies who said likely non and decidedly non.

And besides with the grounds as the common replies are written down every bit positive one time and negative one time.

For the professional messenger user it was asked why would you urge utilizing the service and the replies were in positive every bit good as in negative

Here are some of the suggestions to The Professional Courier

  • They should concentrate more on timely bringing
  • They should set more attending in work outing the questions of the clients
  • should besides focused on choice up paperss from the clients.
  • Try to be more faster and accurate in giving the bringing.
  • Improve package packaging.
  • Try and come up with the possible aggregation centres across Goa.
  • Add the bringing male child ‘s in making the bringing so that it can be done faster.

Here are some of the suggestions to First Flight Courier

  • Put more attempts in making bringing on clip
  • Try and set more clip work outing clients job so that all clients are satisfied with this service.
  • See that they put more focal point on making bringing on the within requested clip.
  • Company should add up more employees on field making service bringing, so that it can be done faster and paperss will non be pending.


Customers have to set more attempts for acquiring their services to be delivered. Both the companies lack in supplying timely bringing the bringing is done tardily. The grounds identified is that they have less bringing male child ‘s on field making bringing and because of which papers is left undelivered and is done tardily later.

Bad service suppliers are non merely losing their valuable external clients but besides their internal clients who are non willing to be associated with the organisation for a longer continuance. Retaining the truenesss of the clients, both internal every bit good as external is really critical for the hereafter of the company.

The Professional Courier has Lack of aggregation Centre in Goa which make quit hard for people in acquiring their papers or package to the company office or the.

When the inquiry comes of work outing jobs face by the clients both the companies lack in making so as they can non serve their 100 % to the clients hence non all the clients are satisfied with this service of the company, which is non profitable for the company as they can lose their clients.

On appraising the clients it was founded that 35 respondent of TPC i.e the upper limit said the spring more penchant to “ BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE ” and of FF 45 respondent said so which once more maximal therefore we can reason that the client wants good quality service which include seasonably, accurate, safe etc.

In footings of money or charges charged by both the companies in supplying the service is worth the service they provide the maximal respondent of both the companies i.e. 36 of TPC and 38 of FF said its sensible. So can reason from this that they are bear downing just sum for supplying the service.

Restriction of the study

  • The study was conducted in a limited continuance of six hebdomads merely.
  • No clients are loyal clients they change their service supplier whenever they wants so was quit tough to acquire these companies clients which has taken service from them for quit many times.
  • Many rivals in the market and it was hard to acquire the the client of these both companies.
  • My mark audience was the cooperate people and the concern people which made it even more hard to garner information.


  1. Communication concatenation: – the communicating system of the company is non in properly signifier. As the information sing the company client any question or any other aid required are non straight communicated to the direction it takes clip due to absent of communicating concatenation.
  2. Employee Relation: – Employee relation with the company ‘s clients is non friendly, due to which companies are losing on their concern and If you do n’t hold a good relation with your clients it becomes really hard for you to acquire concern from that individual to the company.
  3. Duties to employees: – the employees are non much responsible it is said because the clients of both the companies had to set in more attempts in acquiring their service delivered
  4. Lack of aggregation Centre for ( TPC ) : – the clients of colvale, pernem ( Tuem industrial estate ) has to confront troubles in directing their messenger because they have come all the manner to mapusa.
  5. Delivery: – non all the clip bringing by both the companies is done on clip. it is non reach as per the client requested clip.


In the involvement of constructing a relationship of honestness, unity, and trust, with the company client, the consequences should be communicated efficaciously to the clients and the company clients should have information in a timely mode when it is asked. Besides company directors need to track advancement and communicate execution successes and failures to the employees so that they can consequently work on field bettering the same.

Company should invariably endeavor to supply necessary information to their client when of all time asked that will increase their consciousness of the larger range of the operation and supply them a sense of satisfaction so that they will go on utilizing your service.

Company should besides set more focal point on speaking to the clients could be personally or online how they wants and cognizing their quires or job face by them at any point of clip while taking service so that it will gave them a sense of concern for them believing yes company cares their clients which will assist them to retain the clients.

Company should seek to better relationship within the company clients. They can make this by invariably maintaining in touch with the clients. This will take to better interaction with the clients and the company employees and this will take to improved relation which will future give company a good concern.

A successful bringing is straight tied into a timely 1. Success is more than merely acquiring the goods to their finish on clip. It besides means a safe bringing, package making the client without harm and accurately to the gait where it has been asked.

Recommendation / Suggestions to company

Add more service bringing male child ‘s to better client service criterions. This is the most common method that most organisations steadfastly believe in. They tend to add up the Numberss of people in the service bringing concatenation bettering systems and procedures which provides a positive consequence and farther improves the procedure and service experience for the clients. It will besides actuate the employees to increase their public presentation degrees and better the service bringing experience for their clients which finally benefits the company.

Provide service preparation to the company employees. Training the employees goes a long manner in guaranting the effectivity of service bringing of the organisation. Training non merely helps the employees in larning new techniques and fast ones but besides helps them in recognizing that the company is concerned about their hereafter in the organisation and it is taking necessary stairss to guarantee its growing in the house. It motivates the employees to increase their public presentation degrees and better the service bringing experience for their clients.

Training and affecting the employees in assorted determinations or treatments of organisation. Apart from their everyday activities makes them experience good as if they take ownership of the company and could better the service that they provide to their clients. There is an addition in the willingness to fulfill the clients particularly when there is client ailment in order to guarantee that the client goes back satisfied and his trueness is retained by the organisation the preparation is really of import.

Cost salvaging option: if you have goods to be delivered that are big and take up a batch of infinite and weight, a sea cargo option probably would do more sense than air cargo if the finish is across the state, if the finish is merely a few stat mis off i.e. within the state or in the adjacent provinces, than some type of route service would probably be the best option in order to minimise the cost


To reason I would wish to state it was of a great experience carry oning my summer internship on comparative survey on The Professional Courier and first flight messenger. Working on my survey I came to cognize many things about the service industry as how its work. I gained much more cognition in marketing field as how its map, and as how to out nearing the client along with the client acceptation as to what clients wants and what they do n’t desire.

flow of proper communicating from top to bottom and bottom to exceed dramas a really of import function in any organisation as timely supplying information sing the clients if any quires is at that place by the employees to the company helps them to lend to the success of the company, as company can makes necessary alterations where of all time required and besides to come up with a solution to their quires.

Besides came to cognize how the employees deal with the clients of the company as to what is their demands and wants and how they are meet besides non run into and how the clients reacts to it subsequently.

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