Compare and Contrast Psychoanalytic, Humanistic, and Behavioral Therapy Sample

Psychoanalytic, Humanistic, and Behavioral are all psychotherapeutics which are techniques employed to better psychological operation and advance accommodation to life for every patients. The general end is to assist people derive greater control over and betterment in their ideas, feelings, and behaviours. These therapies are grouped together as insight therapies. Although their ends are similar, their attack is really different from each other.

Psychoanalytical therapy is use to convey the patient’s unconscious struggles to consciousness. This will assist the patient to detect his or her grounds for his or her unnatural behaviours. Once this penetration occurs, the struggles can be resolved and the patient can alter to a better behaviour. Harmonizing to Freud to derive penetration into the unconscious, the self-importance must be tricked into a relaxation province. There are five methods to utilize in this therapy: free association, dream analysis, analysing opposition, analysing transference, and reading.

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Humanist therapy focuses on taking obstructions that block personal growing and potency. This therapy helps the patient or client, harmonizing to Carl Rogers, to realize their possible and relates to others in echt ways. Humanist healers follow these four of import qualities of communicating to assist the patient improve themselves: empathy, unconditioned positive respect, genuineness, and active hearing.

Behavior therapy is use larning rules to extinguish maladaptive behaviours and replacement healthy 1s. It focuses on the job behaviour alternatively of the implicit in cause. The techniques or methods used in this peculiar therapy are: classical conditioning techniques, including systematic desensitisation ( patient replaces anxiousness with relaxation ) and antipathy therapy ( an aversive stimulation is paired with a maladaptive behaviour ) ; operant conditioning techniques, including defining and support ; and experimental acquisition techniques, including patterning therapy ( patient ticker and copy positive function theoretical accounts ) .


“Humanistic psychological science is regarded as the “Third Force” , Psychoanalysis and Behaviorism being the first two”* . Humanitarianism at some points agrees with the other two forces in ‘human psychology’ ( note that I used word homo, it is explained in the decision subdivision ) , and differs from them widely on some other points. “HUMANISTIC attacks to personality rely upon FIELD-THEORY ORIENTATION, a HOLISTIC position of personality, and sympathize personal experience, growing, motive, and SELF-ACTUALIZATION.”** Thus as per Philip G. Zimbardo, humanitarianism gives cardinal topographic point to adult male and his/her ‘subjectivity’ . But, “humanistic psychological science doesn’t deny values, purposes and meaning…”***

What’s the demand of its comparings? Its comparing with Psychoanalysis and Behaviourism, as per a bookman, ‘further enlightens its features’ .

Humanism vs. Psychoanalysis

Humanism positions adult male fundamentally ‘good’ in nature. “Humanistic Psychology portions with psychoanalytic theory the belief that worlds are endowed with innate demands and desires, but it differs from depth psychology in its premise that the nucleus of human nature is kindly, concerted, and prosocial.”**** It is no surprise that depth psychology undertaking our interior being as dark and pessimistic that we tread to advert them. Whereas humanitarianism denies this projection as baseless.

Humanism vs. Behaviourism

What Humanistic psychological science portions with behaviourism is the “belief that worlds can spread out their involvement and activities in an about infinite assortment of way but, it differs from behaviourism in its premise that an interior ego freely initiates many of these choices.”***** Dr. Nazir Qaiser adds in his A Critque of Western Psychology…. , “To humanists adult male is non a machine and robot.”

It is deserving adverting, why behaviourists consider adult male a exclusive map of his environment/learning/conditioning, when they are really scientific in their methodological analysis? Writers like S. Covey and Barbara Engler have quoted the same experiment carried out by the behaviourists, which led them to the predating decision I questioned. It was the Skinner Box or operant conditioning chamber experiment and like many others. What the consequences of this experiment suggest is that it’s non the ‘person’ instead “the variables and forces in the environment that influence a individual, ”****** and BEHAVIOURISM/RADICAL BEHAVIOURISM is founded on this rule. That there is no universe of Selfhood poet-philosopher Iqbal conceives of ( I may compose an articale on it in future ) . That adult male is non a proactive animate being, merely reactive. That although he can larn from the enviornment, he has non capacity of unlearning it.

Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow are two great maintainers ( that doesn’t mean that they’re “great” ) of humanitarianism. They and other humanists “suggest that the survey of mental cases or infrahuman species is non peculiarly edifying for the survey of the personality.”******* And, so the dividing line is drawn in the undermentioned sentences by Barbara Engler. A difference so of import that it gives birth to two utterly different and entirely differentiable watercourses of paradigms of idea, which subsequently on translate into concrete actions. ( Therefore, cognition precedes action. ) The losing nexus: as Barbara Engler writes, “There is a extremist difference between a rat in a Skinner box, and a human being in the every twenty-four hours world.”******* I must reiterate the difference of sentiment between Humanism and Behaviorism here in instance you’re if lost in ideas: “Humanism differs from behaviourism in its premise that an interior ego freely initiates many of the picks [ he has at his disposal ] .” That, as Stephen Covey says, between operant enviormental influences/stimulus and the eventful action/reaction lies a quality merely adult male on Earth possess is his ain ‘free will’ . A freedom of induction.


What may lie beyond Humanism must be probed as Humanistic Psychology is centered on human existences merely. I do non intend to state that carnal psychological science must be linked with human psychological science, because there lies a concrete difference in both these Fieldss of survey for adult male is blessed with reason and animate being is non. Yet, there can be other things which have a one-to-one/direct relationship with human psychological science. And, the survey of which may give benefits, be it of wellness or apprehension.

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