Comparing and Contrasting Education System between China and India

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China and India are both developing countries, which have a long history. Furthermore, they all have large population. Today, both of them are attempting to improve the education system. However, according to the situation of each country, there are both differences and similarities in aspects of school years, high schools and the scoring system. In the aspect of school years, there are numerous differences between two countries. For example, by the law in China, all children whose ages range from 6 to 15 years old are compulsory to obtain a full-time education. However, India has ten years compulsory education, which is one year longer than China.

On the other hand, a ten+ two+ three system is adopted in India. This system means that ten years for the compulsory education, two for the secondary school and three for the university. In contrast to this, China’s system is nine+ six+ four, which seems much longer than Indian. In the high school of India, many languages are available for students to choose from such as Hindi, English, Bengali, French and many other languages.

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In contrast, students in china can only study Chinese and English. However, there are a number of similarities between the two countries. Firstly, high schools in two countries are a crucial stage. Students here are all required to work hard to go to further study and then have an opportunity to change their life. Secondly, Both Chinese and Indian teachers are prescribed to cover the entire syllabus for classes, which makes students develop their own capabilities of discussion difficultly. This education problem remains to be solved in future.

In China, an eligible standard for each exam is 60 points out of 100 points. Schools do not divide different levels for each student and only care about how much grades students obtain. In contrast, in India, students should score 33 percent points of exams for each subject. Additionally, points of each subject will be changed to different leveln.

In addition, there is only one exam called college entrance examination that counts in china, whereas the requirement in India is approximately the same as schools in western countries. In summary, China and India adopt different education systems in a number of aspects such as school years arrangements, the high school education and scoring systems. However, two countries still value the importance of education and are attempting to create education systems better.



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