Comparing and Contrasting Two Soccer Players Essay

The soccer is one of the most important sports in the world, everybody like to play and look soccer, in all of the countries we can see different teams of soccer, but in some countries the people look the soccer more interesting than others, about how the players feel, i think they felt so good because they are earned money and doing something that they love, in the life every year some soccer players are selected to be the best player in the world, by myself the best soccer players in this moment in all part are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Comparing and Contrasting Two Soccer Players
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Some people don’t know about them however the people know who they are and love them, they play in different teams and also them countries are different, Lionel Messi was born in Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Portugal. And it can not be said that both players play with their respective teams. Like everything they had differences and similarities, Lionel Messi he play in a team of Spain That is call Barcelona, one of the most important teams of Spain, he is to young but he was the best player in the 2006, he has to much abilities for play soccer, he is a good shooter.

Cristiano Ronaldo play in a team of England that is call Manchester United, he was nominated the best player in this year and he is so fast and also a good shooter. In them personalities i can say that Lionel Messi is more friendly than Cristiano, some similarities are that they love soccer, they play always, also them coaches believe in everything they do, this two players are good friends, another thing that we can say is that they never think only in the money they like to help the children or any people that is in a foundation. n the different Cristiano do some job of models but Lionel didn’t, Lionel is more young than Cristiano, they earn different amounts of money and apart from this they have other things that make them different or equal both in their normal life as in his life as soccer players. In conclusion I can say that the lives of all people are different, they have other ways of thinking and with these two examples we can say that there are people who just do the same thing that one can be different in the way they do, I can also say that for most people Lionel Messi is better than good Cristiano but as you can see there are differences and similarities

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