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One could happen 100s of books refering the Russian revolution ; nevertheless. it was George Orwell’s Animal Farm that shed visible radiation on the corruptness of the revolution. Even though Animal farm is clearly a sarcasm on the Russian Revolution. it can easy be compared to many revolutions. particularly the Cuban. Both revolutions were led by a powerful adult male. or animate being. with strong public support. and spoke of a great state in which everyone was equal. Yet. in the terminal of both revolutions. the supreme leader ended up being corrupt and a fully fledged dictator. Orwell wanted to demo how there is such corruptness merely in world. hence Animal Farm being a novel with speaking animate beings ; moving as an accent on the fact that animate beings would ne’er carry on a state of affairs of any similarity.

The most important item that Orwell included in his book was Napoleon. a powerful and forceful leader who felt he was ever merely. clearly portraying a dictator. Such a character could easy be compared to Fidel Castro. the leader of the Russian revolution. For. every bit shortly as Castro took office in Cuba. he listened to no 1. and did merely as he saw fit. As Castro led the revolution. he gained the love of the bulk of Cuba because most Cubans at the clip were either hapless or in-between category ; and Castro spoke about equality amongst everyone. significance there would be no rich or hapless. However. one time Castro gained the people’s trust he put fright in everyone’s eyes with illustrations of anguish. arbitrary imprisonment. unjust tests. and extra-judicial executings. Much like Castro. Napoleon started out by moving as a compassionate leader. and in concern of the animals’ “well-being” .

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He so put fright in the animals’ eyes by let go ofing Jessie’s nine puppies. the tremendous. ferocious Canis familiariss that Napoleon had trained as his helpers. This similarity shows the reader how effectual propaganda genuinely is. particularly when the propaganda is in your benefit. One gets lured in and loves. and so the love is turned to fear ; love and fright is a deathly combination. As stated before. much like Castro. Napoleon brutally killed the animate beings who confessed of their ties to Snowball. “They did non cognize which was more lurid – the perfidy of the animate beings who had leagued themselves with Snowball. or the barbarous requital they had merely witnessed. ” ( Animal Farm 57 ) .

Not merely did both Fidel Castro and Napoleon run a similar fright run. but both seemed to run a totalitarianism-like authorities. Both leaders led their revolutions. and merely proclaimed leading after subverting the former dictator ; neither Castro nor Napoleon was of all time elected. Both leaders were besides highly insecure and paranoiac.

Fidel Castro has refused to keep any kind of elections in effort to maintain himself in office. which he has successfully accomplished for the past 45 old ages. Bonaparte did make up one’s mind to keep elections ; nevertheless. he made sure he was the lone one running for president. and if the animate beings did non ballot they would be murdered ; guaranting his maintaining of power. “Castro besides placed the imperativeness under rigorous censoring. and sentenced to decease a figure of his political enemies. Once once more Cuba’s gaols were filled with political critics. including many of Castro’s former companions. anti-communist labour leaders. and other seasoned oppositions of the Batista government. ” ( George Welling ) .

About indistinguishable to Castro. Napoleon blamed his jobs on his political enemy. Snowball. and ordered that if any animate being is to see Snowball they should slay him instantly. Napoleon besides framed a figure of hogs of being in relation with Snowball and had them torn to pieces by Jessie’s nine puppies. one time once more exerting his dictator musculus and striking all the animals’ hearts with fright. These actions are much like Castro’s imprisonment of all the political critics who voiced against his actions ; nevertheless. Napoleon. alternatively of penalizing those who went against him. he made an illustration of what would go on if anyone did ; by viciously slaying them. frightening the animate beings of even believing about a rebellion.

Much like Fidel Castro. Napoleon used utmost censoring and forced ignorance upon the animate beings to enable him to keep a strong absolutism. In Animal Farm Napoleon does greatly promote instruction. every bit good does Castro. but he merely believes in instruction in what he wants the people to cognize. Hence the alteration of the commandments as Napoleon pleased. Due to merely few animate beings really being able to read. the others merely memorising. Napoleon was able to easy carry through what may be considered “selective acquisition. ” In Cuba. even today. Fidel Castro holds utmost censoring on everything seen. heard. and read in Cuba. If the article. telecasting plan. wireless plan. or even book is non approved by Fidel Castro’s squad of censoring. it does non come in Cuba.

Merely late. Castro ordered a prohibition on the Internet throughout Cuba. and lone authorities functionaries. the military. and choice persons are presently allowed to utilize the Internet. The two leaders besides successfully used propaganda to derive the support of their people. In the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro spoke of entire equality amongst everyone. and the delivery of Cuba back to a democracy. and fring the state of its absolutism ties imposed by Batista. During Castro’s presidential address. 2 doves flew on his shoulders as he spoke. slightly subliminally portraying that life will be better under his regulation.

The methods used by Fidel Castro and Napoleon to change over their prevarications of equality to the acrimonious truth of absolutism were besides really similar. “Taking advantage of his ain personal appeal and of the people’s trust in him. Castro managed to enforce a totalitarian system in barely three old ages. He used fraudulence and implacable repression. He eliminated all possible political challengers. He seized control of the labour brotherhoods and the pupil and professional organisations. He took over the media and bit by bit confiscated all private endeavor. every bit good as all private instruction and the first-class HMO-type wellness attention system.

Even the smallest concerns were eliminated as private endeavor became a offense. ” ( Cuba: Exodus… ) . Napoleon’s actions were really similar. for he bit by bit changed commandments to suit his ain penchants. and easy imposed longer and harder work on the animate beings but portrayed it as good for the animate beings. It is apparent that both happenings resulted in a absolutism ; nevertheless. Cuba has one of the best economic systems in Latin America. and Animal Farm was thriving more than of all time after Napoleon had modified the commandments. and enforced the new work agenda and began trade with the worlds. As stated before. Animal Farm is merely a novel. and a sarcasm. doing it apparent that corruptness of this quality has and can ne’er happen in any other animate beings ; in a sense rendering world slightly inferior. mentally. to that of animate beings.

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