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Comparison of Human and Animals

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There are an uncountable number of living things, most of which are not discovered yet.

Human, is known to be the most intelligent, most developed and most social of all. What’s more, we say that human has the most ability to perceive things in the correct way, because he is the most biologically-developed living thing. By the way, does the biological constitution really affect perception?We, human beings, can differentiate colours whereas a dog cannot. It doesn’t matter for a dog if it had a green or brown collar with same design.

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Comparison of Human and Animals
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A second example can be given about the elephants. Because of some hormones they have, they have a sociological life and system. They select a leader and do what it wants and walk behind it. So, an elephant finds a lonely life useless.

But a snake, which lives individually, finds the herd life useless and difficult. Another example can be given about the owls.They can see very well and their absolute threshold for seeing is very high at night.

Plus, it’s sound can be heard by other owls from far away.

So it perceives the night as a normal time of day, but we, humans, find the darkness dangerous. Furthermore, human and most of other animals can understand if they’re hungry or not – but the fish cannot. Because their nerves about the hunger don’t transport the message to the brain. So it doesn’t perceive, it doesn’t understand the amount of food it eats.

Therefore it doesn’t perceive eating much as a danger. As a result, if you feed your gold fish too much, it doesn’t refuse and it eats all of them, but it dies soon. There is one more thing about the fish. Because of some hormones of ours, we have the emotion of conscience whereas the fish don’t have.

We don’t eat our kind, but fish can eat fish. They don’t perceive eating their own kind as an immoral and disgusting action.This can be another example:Consider a dog, an elephant and a human being, assuming that they can talk. When you say, “The oldest one of organism X died when it was 60 years old.

” the dog would be surprised: “60 years? That’s too long! I can only live for 20 years, maximum 25!!!” The human would find it quite ok: “60 years is normal I think. After the year of 60, life gets boring. My father is 85 years old, and he’s suffering from many illnesses, I wish I died on my 65 or 70. Not more.

” The elephant would be surprised too: “60 years? Oh, poor X! It had to leave the Earth too early… Maybe it would have had things to do if it hadn’t died.

Life is so unfair! My father died in his 150s!”Up until now, I just mentioned about the animals and human, but there are other kingdoms of living things: monera, protists, fungi and plants. Nevertheless, it seems impossible to talk about their nature of perception. The only thing we can say is that they do not have perception. As far as we know, they can not think because they don’t have brains or another structure which can do the work of brain and nervous system.

As a conclusion, yes, the biological constitution of living organisms affects their perception. If it hadn’t been like that, the biologically developed human couldn’t have been considered as the leader of the world today.

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