Competitive Advantage in the Public Sector Essay

Competitive Advantage in the Public Sector

Sustaining and striving for a competitive advantage is generally not a considerable objective in the public sector. The idea of competitive advantage in the sector has not taken center stage in any public discussions; yet when statements concerning competitive advantage arise; it is often multifaceted with vague accurate definition. However, to have a competitive advantage, the public sector must necessarily apply corporate strategy to every branch of the government. Consequently, it has to have responsive services, as well as a well-directed and efficient agencies and branches.

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Competitive Advantage in the Public Sector
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Effective, responsive and well-directed public sector is an indispensable aspect of a just and healthy society. As such, it must therefore be able to deliver the necessary services for every person. Public sector must be able to provide the services and infrastructure that the private sector cannot single-handedly be provided with (Progressive U). It must be capable of providing a legal system that allows the people to function in a sustainable, equitable, and civil manner.

Moreover, it must be able to present a coordinated incentives and planning that would assist businesses in adjusting to varying circumstances. Competitive advantage in the public sector does not necessarily mean having a good position. When the public sector provides efficient, well-directed and responsive services that surpass or at least can equal the projected accomplishment for any of its branches or agencies, then it can be said that the public sector has achieved a competitive advantage.

The public sector’s strategy has to evolve in response to the changes in the economic system and public culture. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for the sector to design a sound strategic system of providing services. The effective development and implementation of a well-planned governmental practice can lead the public sector to the path of success. Nevertheless, to achieve all of these, the public sector as well as the people must first acknowledge the significance of the government through progressive and strong leadership.


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