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Computer Keyboard (1874 – 1982)

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Although the first Computer Keyboard came out in 1964, it was a long evolution process from 1874-1982, to form the modern computer keyboard as we know it… One of the most common electronic input devices available nowadays is the “computer keyboard”. The “keyboard” enters instructions and data into the “memory” of the “computer”. “Keyboards” are used to “program”, operate, and manage files and programs on a computer “interface”. This is accomplished by users triggering “commands” by pressing keys on the “keyboard” which activates an input into the computer.

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Computer Keyboard (1874 – 1982)
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There are a few different types of keyboards that provide different functions based on their purpose. The one everyone is most familiar with is the desktop computer keyboard. Generally, a desktop computer keyboard contains a little over a hundred keys including keys of the alphabet, digits, and other various function keys. Another type of keyboard we see every day goes by the name of “keypad”. Keypads are small keyboards with a more designated function.

Keypads provide input, like in the case of cell phones, they are used to dial numbers or send text messages.

Often, keypads have a small number of keys, resulting in a multi-press system to get the write input. Gaming keyboards include keys that are programmable, in order to be able to have a different function depending on the game. In addition, they have other tasks they can perform relevant to the game as in providing stats or info to help with the game. Lastly, some keyboards are touch screen based and operate by touching the virtual keyboard on the screen of the computer or device itself.

The Keyboard has a long history of development, starting with its ancestor the typewriter, where it developed its format by “Christopher Latham Sholes”. 1874 Sholes invents the “QWERTY layout” as it’s called, to prevent a key jamming problem faced in typewriters. 1888 The QWERTY layout mainstreams, and it is recognized as a more efficient way to type. 1890 Herman Hollerith, founder of what would be IBM, invents the electric tabulating machine to help with the census of 1890. The keyboard located on the machine enters data into the punch cards electromechanically, rather than using the standard card reader input. 925 Teleprinters come into wide use, paving the way for the electronic keyboard. Using an electromechanical typewriter, a teleprinter can send a typed message from one location to another. 1964 The first computer keyboard is made when MIT, Bell Laboratories, and General Electric get together to make a computer called “Multics” (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service). Since this computer used VDT (Video Display Terminals), computer users could now see the text they typed by means of the electronic keyboard that was now connected to the interface.

This new electronic keyboard now sends electric signals directly to the computer and is visible on the display. 1970’s Various “function keys” make their way onto the computer keyboard 1982 Digital Equipment Corporation designs the famous inverted T layout for the arrow keys, which becomes a necessity for all keyboards. Modern keyboard editions include a wireless connection to the computer and various ergonomic keyboards that provide an easier time typing.

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