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Qwerty Keyboard: the Most Common Keyboard

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QWERTY keyboard, the type of keyboard I am using in typing this summary. It is called QWERTY because of the upper row that represents the letters Q-W-E-R-T-Y. The QWERTY design was pioneered by the two industrial engineers, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. As QWERTY was introduced in the past, there are also other features as well as different versions of keyboards that had been introduced but doesn’t succeed to beat QWERTY. As some complication arises, on the QWERTY, it had been trying to make people adapt its features.

Schools built for QWERTY typing and other businesses had adjusted to QWERTY. Even though QWERTY keyboard is unnecessarily tiring, slow, inaccurate, hard to learn, and hard to remember, it still manages to reduce the jamming problem. As QWERTY had been accepted in the society, Dvorak keyboard were introduced, it was named for August Dvorak a professor of education at the University of Washington in Seattle. It is a type of keyboard that is easier to use compare to QWERTY keyboard, where in typists make less errors and faster than QWERTY typists.

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Qwerty Keyboard: the Most Common Keyboard
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August Dvorak’s brother-in-law, William Dealey, who extremely detailed any knowledge about QWERTY keyboard, due to the seminars that Frank and Lillian Gilbreth held on QWERTY keyboard. After August found out the details, they had learned and designed a new keyboard, which is the Dvorak keyboard in the year 1932. But sadly, Dvorak keyboard wasn’t adapted and people refuse to change or learn about Dvorak due to the standardized QWERTY way that they had adapted. As August Dvorak died in the year 1975, he simply said that “They simply don’t want to change!” even though Dvorak is easier to learn rather than QWERTY, but the society still refuse to amend.

Never seem to imagine knowing about the QWERTY keyboard, how the style had been featured as well as the standardized keyboard the people adapted. It seems that people refuse to change in an easier and more developed keyboard, but chooses to stay and stick with the harder one. I think the reason for choosing the hardest one is because people got used to the old one and they had learned, and adapt the QWERTY keyboard in the hard way. So if they change QWERTY to Dvorak, they can’t seem to see that they are like starting all over again. And they appear to imagine that learning QWERTY keyboard would take those years just to gain speed and reduce errors in typing, and now, Dvorak has introduced to make their life easier. But what they imagine is that, yes! Life would be easier when using Dvorak, but it seems harder when you already know about QWERTY. So why adjust now to an easy one if you already know and perfect the harder one. It’s like solving a hard problem and giving it an easy solution that things would not easily match as well as will no problem had been solved, and appears to be a guide in finding out the real solution. What it appears to me is like Dvorak is the basic while QWERTY is the hard one. It is just wrong that people used to learn the hard one first rather than the easy one and I can imagine that people sometimes chooses the hard one, because they know that learning hard problems make things easier and uncomplicated rather than learning easy problems.

Another reason could be that the society itself had adjusted to the QWERTY keyboard and it’s harder to adjust to the easy one. As well as the society back then might also expect that when learning about Dvorak keyboard, they will also do some leanings like what QWERTY keyboard does. So they’d rather think to stick with the old one rather than waste another time when learning Dvorak, as long as they would not waste any of their time and spend another months in wasting their energy just to learn another keyboard of typewriting format.

In my own opinion, it is better that QWERTY keyboard is used and acceptable in the society. It’s much more challenging to learn and use it, but it’s more fun when you get used to it. You will definitely see that the longer you use QWERTY keyboard, the faster you can spell correctly, type correctly, see correctly, exercise your fingers and to make your mind think and work faster. Because the complicated the work is, the faster you get used to it, the faster you’ll get things even though how difficult it is. It’s just that the people are happier in using QWERTY keyboard as well as contented to the complication it brings to their life. No matter how many keyboards were introduced, as long as they are satisfied to what they use and to their needs, they will definitely stick to it and are committed to it.

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