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Computers: Past, Present, and Future

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Computers: Past, Present, and Future

Computers have been around for years and help a great deal at home and in

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Computers: Past, Present, and Future
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the workplace. I have owned a computer for about three years now and it has been

very helpful when it comes to projects and type-written essays. I have completed

schoolwork and projects more times than I can count. Not only can you use the

computer for word-processing programs, but for games and online service as well.

I have used AOL for a couple of years and have found that there are some

problems with it so now I use Costco.

A person can spend hours on the computer whether online or not. Usually I

spend most of my time online because it takes a long time for things to be found

sometimes. You can find anything online from a new or used car, tickets to your

favorite football game, or even just chatting with some friends so you dont have to

tie up the phone line all the time.

There is a webpage for almost anything that a

person can think of. Sports, news all over the world, traveling information, music,

and much more. All you have to do is type in a specific word that you are looking

for and the computer will find it for you.

The workplace is an important place for a computer as well. Now days

almost every company consists of a few computers to perform basic tasks for the

company. Even a small company such as a local pub may have a computer to do

all the cashier calculations. Computers are beginning to take over the workplace

and are making less jobs for people. Computers can solve problems and do

mathematical things so a person doesn’t have to. Different companies have certain

programs that fit for that one company. For a banking company, they may use a

program that does math and may put peoples names in a certain order to make it

easier to get in and out without wasting too much time.

I worked at Home Depot for a while and they used computers for

everything. If a person wanted to place an order for some lumber without being in

the store, they could. All the information was placed in the computer so that when

they did come in to pick it up, it would be quick and easy. They even delivered to

your home which means that they needed a local address and phone number which

all came from the computer. During inventory, we had to mark all the merchandise

in the entire store. To make it a little easier, we use a scanner( or small, handheld

computer) to find the proper CPU or SKU number. It made it a lot easier to do the

What does the future have in store? In the future computers will take over

people’s job. Soon we will be able to order lunch over the computer with one click

of a button. You can go grocery shopping form your computer at home. All cars

and automobiles will have computers in them. Soon we will be able to talk to the

computer and it will talk back. They already have computer programs that allow

people to communicate with each other and you can see their face on the screen

As you can see, computers will take over the future and we wont have to

work anymore. You can simply tell a computer what to do and it will do it.

Changes in the workplace are already taking place as we speak. In about 10 more

years we will have a lot less employed people and the unemployment rate will be at

an all time high. I just hope that Me and my family will all have a spot in the

Not neccessary

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Computers: Past, Present, and Future. (2018, Sep 24). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/computers-past-present-and-future/

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