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Course Subject Matter : Business Law

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The subject matter of the course will be a comprehensive review of the law of contracts. In addition to the chapters referred to below, handout questions will be distributed to be discussed by the class at the end of the lecture for each chapter.

Class Discussion

Class participation is part of your final grade.

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Course Subject Matter : Business Law
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This includes responding to questions asked by the professor as well as contributing towards the general discussion of topics during class. When discussing the handout case problems in class, you must discuss the facts, the legal issues involved in the problem, and the resolution based on the materials discussed.

Textbook Anderson’s Business Law and the Legal Environment Comprehensive Volume Created for Drexel University, Blaw 201 (21ST Edition) Twomey and Jennings


There will be a mid-term and final examination. Each exam will contain case problems based on the materials covered during the term.

The final exam will be given during the final exam week. The format of the exams shall be an essay.

Grading Scale

  • A+ 95-100%
  • A 90-94%
  • B+ 85-89%
  • B 80-84%
  • C+ 75-79%
  • C 70-74%
  • D+ 65-69%
  • D 60-64%
  • F Below 60%

Grade Allocation

Class Participation 10%

Ethics Assignment 10%

Mid-term Exam 40%

Final Exam 40%


Students with any mental, physical, or other disabilities can have certain rights and responsibilities under the ADA and may contact the Instructor or an Administrator privately for any necessary accommodation.

Final Examination

You are required to read the chapter materials before coming to class and to be prepared to discuss those materials during the lecture if you are called upon to do so. You are responsible for any work that you miss due to absence from class. If you are absent from a scheduled examination or another scheduled assignment due to illness, you must have a note from a physician which states the reason for the absence.

You will have one (1) written assignment during the term in addition to the examinations. The assignment shall involve ethics. The assignment shall be given to the peer readers for review and returned for corrections. You must turn in the assignment. You will be given instructions during the term as to where you should submit the assignment. The final draft will be uploaded to your LifeFolio.

Academic Honesty

In order to protect and maintain a superior learning environment at LeBow College of Business, all students must review and adhere to Drexel University’s Academic Honesty Policy.


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  3. http://www.library.drexel.edu/resources/tutorials/plagiarism/plagiarism.html

Cite this Course Subject Matter : Business Law

Course Subject Matter : Business Law. (2016, Nov 13). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/course-subject-matter-business-law/

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