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Rights for Children with Undocumented Parents 



Words: 2003 (9 pages)

Throughout recent U.S. presidential administrations, the topic of immigration demonstrates a continuing tug-of-war between Republicans advocating border control and Democrats pleading for human rights for minority groups. This debate recently surfaced in President Trump’s executive order (October 2018) to end birthright citizenship in an attempt to surpass the authority of the Fourteenth Amendment (Davis, 2018)….

To be an American Samoan



Words: 483 (2 pages)

American Samoa is a domain of the United States, which means its natives hold numerous rights as US nationals while in the meantime holding some proportion of independence in their household undertakings. In any case, as of late a few strains have risen concerning the self-assurance and citizenship of American Samoans. While those conceived in…

Immigration is a no go



Words: 1166 (5 pages)

Immigrants have always had an important role in shaping countries for the better. On the other hand, the American government is not as accepting of them. Since the government seems to hate immigrants, they often have difficulty getting any legal status when coming to America. When migrants apply for a green card, they can wait…

The Meaning of Citizenship



Words: 1113 (5 pages)

Organizational citizenship behavior is defined as anything that is positive and constructive that is done by employees of their own choice, which thereby benefits the colleagues and the organization as a whole (Okwuagwu et al., 2017). In other words, it is a personal desire of the employees to „go extra mile‟ or perform such activities…

Civil Society and Community Organizations


Modern Society

Words: 1306 (6 pages)

Jurgen Kocka’s “Civil Society from a Historical Perspective” gives a very detailed definition of the term ‘civil society’, a complex, ambiguous concept whose meaning oscillates between cultures and, at times, refers more broadly to a social sphere. Kocka achieves this by not only providing the historical context of the term but also illustrating its relationship…

Journey of Immigration and Citizenship



Words: 949 (4 pages)

Many people around the world leave to other countries in search of a better life, whether to live comfortably, find more favorable jobs, or to escape the dangers of their home country. The countries where they immigrate to offer more opportunities and refuge. Some people are able to migrate to another country by obtaining a…

The Market for Citizenship



Words: 1031 (5 pages)

A market is an area or arena in which commercial dealings are operated, suggesting if there were a market for citizenship the main aim would be to make profit, which I wholeheartedly disagree with. In this essay I will argue that a market for citizenship is not justifiable because I do not view citizenship as…

Closure Birthright Citizenship in America



Words: 1471 (6 pages)

The fourteenth amendment otherwise called the correction that gives inheritance citizenship has been in the United States Constitution since 1868 and should keep on remaining there on the grounds that individuals contended energetically for it. In 2012, Republican legislators in Arizona had a plan to make a law to decline citizenship to the offspring of…

African American and Citizenship

African American


Words: 1142 (5 pages)

Starting from the time of the passing of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, Americans gained liberties. These include freedom of speech, religion, and press just to name a few. With this came the question of who is an American and deserving of the full rights of citizenship? The conception of who is…

The Benefits from Citizenship


Civil Rights

Words: 563 (3 pages)

Citizenship help in exercising full scope of harmonious rights which originate from a 
recognised and legitimate authority with legal standing and protection (Kymlicka 2011: 22, Raz 1994). Kymlicka contends that minority rights protection serves to ensure a group against extraneous powers that might look to jeopardise a particular minority through the financial or potentially political…

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