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Court System Structure Ii

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The State of California’ court system is divided into two systems, Federal and state; as does the state of Texas. The state of California has two types of courts, Trial courts and Appellate court (sc self service, 2010).

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Court System Structure Ii
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California’s trial courts are also known as Superior courts, which handle court cases ranging from criminal cases; that include felonies, misdemeanors as well as civil cases, including family law and juvenile cases (sc self service,2010).

There are 58 Trial courts in California, one for each county (sc self service, 2010). The state of Texas separates their courts up into four different levels. The state of Texas has local trial courts, which are Justice of the Peace courts; these are user friendly courts, not requiring a lawyer (Houston-criminal lawyer, 2010). The local trial courts are for small claims cases not exceeding $5,000. 00, and class C misdemeanors (sc self service, 2010).

At the Trial court level they also handle traffic violations, and fine only criminal offences (sc self service, 2010). The county courts are where they handle misdemeanor cases which includes case like possession of Marijuana, DWI, small theft and assault (sc self service, 2010). The county courts can hear any case no matter the size (sc self service, 2010). The District courts of Texas are where they handle felony cases, family law cases and many other civil cases (sc self service, 2010).

Once a case has been heard in either a District or County court, it can be appealed in an appellate court (sc self service, 2010). Looking at both of these court systems, I would have to say that the state of Texas seems to be more effective. The breakdown of the courts is what appealed to me more, having a different court for non serious or violent misdemeanors; so not to flood the courts with petty cases. The State of California’s courts are flooded with so many different cases that get handled in the same court room.

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