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Court Observation

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    Let me fist start off by saying that the clerk of Gwinnett County courts is not very bright.

    When I first called in reference to the court hearing, I asked the basic question what times and what cases would be best to observe? The clerk could not answer any of those two questions, all she could tell me was they are all open to the public at anytime, as if I already did not know that. It was not until I went to the court house to the criminal courts that I found that cases are usually at 9:30 and 1:00 o’clock.It took the administer office to give me a list of cases for the day and which ones would be best. When I first entered court room 3E, I expected it to be like the big court rooms I see on TV, I was so wrong.

    It was quite petite. The case I observes was for aggravated assault. The judge presiding over this was Dawson Jackson. Before court even started some of the lawyers present were talking about subpena another lawyer by the name of Mr.

    Novell.Not quite sure on the facts on why whom ever would want to subpena Mr. Novell, but I do know it has something to do with continuing to do with representation of a co. defendant by the name of Diaz and something that was in the affidavit.

    Finally once court was under session, a man by the name of Mr. Ashley stated why Mr. Novell was being subpena and explained that he could file some type of motion. After all that commotion settled, they started jury selection and some of the concerns of the case.

    Mr. Wayne Tench is the individual on trail for three accounts of assault.The first two counts are for assault on December 27, 2005 against Sam and Robert with an object known as a bobcat that when used can result in server body injury. The third account is criminal damage to property 2nd degree, to a Ford Expedition ($500).

    Mr. Tench is being represented by Mrs. Phyllis Russell. I wish her outfit would have been better looking, it was quite dull.

    I looked as if she had an old burgundy jacket and black skirt on. The court recorder was dressed extremely well in this emerald green dress; she also looked like somebody grandmother, sweet and loving.One thing that threw me off about the court recorder was the fact that she was speaking into this device that look like a side of a large headphone. I thought court recorder had the little type writers to take down what they needed during court hearing.

    Back the case it self, before Judge Jackson request for the jury selection the District attorney’s office brings up new evidence. This new evidence is that they received information on threats Mr. Tench made to Sam and Robert.These alleged threats were over the phone and basically what Mr.

    Tench told the other men was that he would give another car for the damage one and that he was not going down alone, he would tell police about an incident that happened a mile away from their homes? The facts are not really clear at the moment, they are still in the process of trying to get the tape and also Mrs. Russell has been out of town for two weeks so this is her first time hearing this and would like to get the recording as soon as possible. Now that the new evidence has been addressed, Judge Jackson summons for the jury selection to begin.They bring in thirty three individual for jury selection.

    Judge Jackson states to everyone that only twelve will be selected for jury duty with one alternate. After the judge finishes his comments, the District Attorney states how jury selection will proceed. He and Mrs. Russell will ask a series of questions which are considered Statue and Nosey questions to figure out who will be qualified for jury.

    Some of the questions that were asked were the following: Has anyone ever used a bobcat and are they familiar with the object itself? Does anyone know Mr. Tench? Has anyone been convicted or know someone who has been convicted of criminal crime? Has anyone already formed an opinion about Mr. Tench? The question go on and on from there.The district attorney and Mrs.

    Russell both get chances to ask questions. In order for the jury to respond to the questions they hold their number if it applies to them. It seems that many of the questions did not apply to anyone in the room with the exception of having being convicted of a crime or knowing someone who has been. One thing I did know about the jury selection process that it was made up of mostly white people and females.

    There were few males and minorities. I do not know how jury selection really works before this so I assumed that it would have been a more mixed crowd of people. Even a even number of men and women in the room possibility. After listening to a series of questions for almost an hour I had to leave.

    I had to leave because one I had to go to work downtown in an hour and I was all the way near my house in Gwinnett County and also at this point I was tired. I know the jury had to be ready to leave because I know I was and I was there way before them in the court room.

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