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Crash Reflection Essay

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The movie I chose for this assignment was the Hollywood film Crash. I really enjoyed watching this movie even though I have watched it previously before. Crash is the type of movie where you need to watch it more than once to understand the real meaning it is trying to portray about racism. There are many acts of racism that is being shown in this movie in different ways through the many characters revealed. In this movie I found there to be a lot of themes that took place, however the top three I felt was most important were stereotypes, oppression, and prejudice.

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Stereotype is defined as the popular belief about a specific type of individual. In the movie there was a scene with the locksmith was fixing Jean’s locks in the house. She was arguing with her husband and brought up the point that she knows the locksmith is going to rob their house and give his keys to his ‘homeboys’ the moment he leaves.

Since she knew he was from a poor neighbourhood and was Spanish she used that knowledge to judge him and categorize him as a thief like everyone else from his neighbourhood. The second theme is oppression which is defined as the exercise of authority or power in a cruel or unjust manner.

In the movie there is a scene where oppression is shown very strongly. In this scene the cop pulls over the wealthy black couple and begins to frisk the women down. The husband could not do anything to defend his wife because he feared for his reputation. The cop abused his authority figure and committed a crime however no one could justify it because of his position. Lastly, the third theme used is prejudice and it is defined as the process of making a judgment or assumption about someone or something even before having enough knowledge to be able to do so.

In the movie one of the first scenes shows a white couple named Jean and Fred who are walking down the street together. Jean see’s two black people walking towards her on the sidewalk and instantly wraps her hands around her husband’s arm. This scene right here show’s Jean’s prejudice side because she makes the assumption before anything actually happened. She assumed that the two black males were either maybe going to rob her or hurt her. Although she has never met these two males before, she already planted the idea in her head that they were dangerous people.

After watching the movie I think there are many messages the director was trying to make us grasp. But what I truly believe the general message of the movie is that everyone is racist. Whether they admit it or not they are all racist in their own ways. It does not matter whether you are black, white, Asian or brown, I believe everyone in the world is racist in some way. There are people who are racist on the surface but when push comes to shove they are no longer what you perceive them to be.

And this works visa versa. Racism is a complex matter and it is not always easy to understand. The movie crash is a pretty complicated movie for a Hollywood film and it does a good job or trying to show the many different lives and how they experience racism. Yes I believe the film changed my thinking of racism a little bit. Although I have not experienced racism a lot throughout my life I have learned a lot from this movie and at times I was very heartbroken to have seen some of these scenes that took place.

It’s hard to actually believe that things like this actually happen when you are not exposed to it every day or even in your lifetime. My dad is a doctor and we grew up in a very rich neighbourhood where I was one of the only black girls going to a white school. Since everyone knew my dad was a doctor and realized I came from a wealthy family I did not experience any issues with racism on the surface. When I look back on it now I can see that although I never exactly went through any racist situations face to face, my whole like in fact was being judged based on my class.

I did not realize this until after I watched the movie crash and we had the discussion of racism in our tutorial class. In a way it is really sad to have to think about how everyone probably only accepted me at first because they knew I was like them. I think the most hurtful and eye opening scene for me was near the end of the movie when the young officer Tom Hansen was giving the black man a drive up the street when all of a sudden he thought he was reaching into his pocket to shoot him and he shot him first.

This scene made me cry a lot and I felt very disturbed after watching it. I think I felt this way mostly because throughout the whole movie they perceived this officer as one of the good people until this very last scene where he kills an innocent man. At this point of the movie, this is where I lost hope because he was one of the only people who had good morals and was doing his best to be a good person and then all of a sudden it changes. Reality hits you and everyone changes to someone else.

I would not recommend this movie to a grade 8 class because I know that after they watch this movie they will not get the true meaning behind what it is trying to show people. I myself did not understand the movie the first time I watched it, and I was in university. I had to watch the movie another time to truly understand what it was trying to explain. I feel that a class of grade 8’s will not truly grasp the meaning of racism after watching this movie. They will probably just understand the basics and this movie might confuse them even more.

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