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Did you like the movie ? Why? Yes , I liked it especially because of the unorthodox storyline and how it examines the racial tensions that are still alive today. The movie promotes racial awareness, but like any conversation about race, it demands close inspection. We see a variety of African American men and women, several Hispanic characters, a Persian family, and several Asians. A scene will switch to another only because the initial characters story line is intersecting with that of the next. We meet the Cabot family because two young black men, stars in the scene, steal their car.

Likewise, the Hispanic locksmith looking to make a living for his family is hired at the shop of the Persian man struggling with life as an immigrant. These are the lead characters, all intertwined in their daily lives. An idea or event is presented from the perspective of one person or family, and then the same event is expanded on by another characters connection to it. to present racism: Most of the characters are provided life circumstances to help us see where they are coming from The circumstances include Officer Ryans sick father, Jean Cabots depression, and the shopkeepers struggle with being a new immigrant.

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Each serves as an excuse for the characters racism (or at least a way to lessen its severity). 3) Name the different stereotypes you saw in the movie? Some of the stereotypes I saw in the movie were along the lines of: Asians cannot drive sufficiently, people with dark skin are thieves or hoodlums, people of Middle Eastern descent do not belong in the United States, and all Latinos are from Mexico. I have heard some of these stereotypes before and stereotyping is a bad practice.

I think people stereotype because they are ignorant, they o know any better. Either that or the like putting others down, they are racially insensitive, or they do not care. Some people stereotype, not all. 4. ) LA is A city rich in diversity would LA be more open or chose minded There are so many message in this powerful movie, but the main one that lept out at me was the Sandra Bullock character’s telling us that she’s angry and feels that way all the time.

The movie seems to be saying we are all so afraid and angry with each other and our inability to trust and care for one another across race, class and cultural divides. In LA 2005, one of the greatest cities ever created, we need to crash into one another to feel anything. Despite playing a bit too much to tired stereotypes, the movies tries to delve deeply into the complexity and insanity of seeing the world and reacting to these in the world according to such myopic vistas.

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