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”Crash” Movie Reflection Paper Sample

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In the film Crash. they show a batch of different values. myths. rites. webs. and symbols used by people in the film. They besides show many prejudice and prejudices other wise known as stereotypes that many people in the universe usage today.

Trust was one of the biggest values I saw throughout in the film. for illustration after the two immature work forces drew pistols and carjacked the Cabots’ vehicle. they returned place and the married woman Jean was still upset.

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”Crash” Movie Reflection Paper Sample
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and even though a locksmith was already altering the door locks. she wanted it done once more the following twenty-four hours. Jean claimed the locksmith would sell the keys and that they would be robbed once more. The locksmith. Daniel. overheard and left the two sets of keys on the kitchen counter as he left. Another value I continued to see throughout the film was that of household when Graham went to see his female parent. She was worried about the younger brother who ran off and had been losing.

Graham once more promised to happen him and before go forthing. he noticed a bottle of rancid milk in the electric refrigerator. Graham returns to his mother’s topographic point subsequently as she sleeps incognizant with fresh food markets for her.

The myth in this film that interested me the most was when Daniel was speaking to his immature girl as she was concealing under her bed. because she was afraid of slugs from the bad vicinity they late moved off from. To protect her from slugs. he gives her an unseeable cloak. and so puts her to kip. Subsequently in the film Farhad confronted Daniel in Daniel’s private road. indicating his gun at him and demanding money to mend the destroyed shop. Daniel tries to quiet him down when his girl runs out to protect him with her “invisible cloak. ” As she jumps into her father’s weaponries. Farhad fires a shooting from close scope. Daniel so checks the miss and finds no blood. Surprised he brings her interior and leaves a amazed Farhad in the street. Farah’s girl comes to see her male parent in the shop. He says he found a guardian angel and gives her the pistol. Dorri goes to look into the ruddy box of slugs. They were labeled “ . 38 Particular Blanks”

Rituals I saw throughout this film included the wireless cheques with the constabulary officers. after Hansen negotiations to Lieutenant about altering spouses. The lieutenant. a black adult male. tells Hansen that claiming Ryan is a racialist will do him look like a bad director. If Hansen wants to alter. he has to claim to hold a flatulency job and needs to sit entirely. After Hansen gets into a constabulary unit by himself. the starter makes a fart gag. Besides the biggest ritual I saw throughout this film was that of the statue of St. Christopher the frequenter saint of travel that caused the decease of Peter. When Peter was picked up by the off responsibility Hansen. Peter began express joying at the St. Christopher statue on the splashboard and reached into his pocket to demo his. A nervous Hansen thought it was a gun. so drew his gun and shot him dead. Shocked by what he did. he pushed the dead Peter out of his auto on an stray dark route.

The webs involved in this film sort of aghast me. for illustration at the chop store. the proprietor Lucien tells Anthony and Peter he can’t purchase the Sailing master parts from the stolen Navigator because of the blood discolorations. Another web that shocked me was that of the DA and Graham. when Flanagan. Rick Cabot’s run director negotiations to Graham. Flanagan brings up inside informations about Graham’s losing brother and some condemnable charges against him which could be dropped. He besides hints at a good occupation with Cabot if Graham agrees with the narrative to fault the white bull. Graham reluctantly agrees and Cabot instantly announces the prevarication to the imperativeness.

Cars are the most obvious symbol in the film. The vehicles range from an expensive SUV to a public coach. The SUVs suggest category and wealth. and a sense of entitlement to drive a gas-guzzling car in an energy strapped environment. The coach. as Anthony said. is associated with the working category who can non afford their ain autos. Another symbol that presented itself throughout the film was that of the statue of Saint Christopher. Peter insists on puting a statue of Saint Christopher – the saint of safe travels. on the splashboard of the vehicle that he is in. But ironically. each clip Saint Christopher appears. calamity occurs.

The prejudice and biass of the characters towards others were apparent in each character. but I noticed Jean and Rick Cabot. a white twosome. While walking down the pavement. Jean noticed the two black work forces and clutched Rick’s arm. Anthony took it as a racial rebuff. but so the two immature work forces drew pistols and carjacked the Cabots’ black Lincoln Navigator. Besides LAPD Officer John Ryan called an HMO Administrator about his father’s medical state of affairs ; the decision maker seems sympathetic but remains bureaucratic. When she mentions her name is Shaniqua. Ryan makes an angry remark and she hangs up.

The prejudice and biass I had were towards Anthony. after they left the eating house. Anthony claimed they were victims of racism and hapless service. while Peter laughed it off. I believe Anthony likes to believe he’s ever the victim when in world he’s non. He’s merely looked down upon based on his actions on stealing and other offenses committed. which gives good ground to be looked down upon I believe. Another bias I had was toward store proprietor Farhad. because at first I assumed he was Arab alternatively of Iranian and I ever thought Arab or Iranian people have shops to back up them and their household.

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