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Creativity, innovation, and invention are distinct concepts. Creativity involves seeing the world in new ways and making connections between unrelated things to generate solutions to problems. Organizational context, including encouragement, resources, and hindrances, can stimulate or impede creativity. Innovation is the application of new ideas or processes, while invention involves creating something entirely new. Leadership style, organizational culture, resources, and structure also impact organizational creativity. Creativity is a skill that can be developed, and innovation does not necessarily require invention. Steve Jobs, for example, applied features from Xerox PARC to create the Macintosh operating system, which later led to the development of popular devices such as the iPad and iPod.

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Creativity. innovation and invention are non the same thing. Creativity is the ability to see or comprehend the universe in different ways and to do connexions between things that may be unrelated or those that we antecedently thought were non connected ensuing in a coevals of solutions to jobs.

Cooper ( 1998 ) considered creativeness as an component of competitory advantage for administrations. Creative administrations need to be skilled at making. geting and reassigning cognition and modifying behaviors.

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A figure of research enterprises on creativeness have shown that creativeness is influenced by the organizational context. One of the noteworthy research is that of Amabile ( 1997 ) who showed that there are a figure of parametric quantities that impeded or stimulated creativeness: – Organisational encouragement ;

– Supervisory encouragement ;– Work group encouragement ;– Freedom and liberty ;– Resources ;– Pressures ;– Organisational Hindrances

Ekvall ( 1996 ) looked at the organizational climatic dimensions which affects organizational creativeness. He identified 10 dimensions:– Challenge ;– Freedom ;– Idea Time ;– Dynamism ;– Idea Support ;– Trust and Openess ;– Plyfulness and Humour ;– Conflicts ;– Arguments ;– Risk-taking

The strength of both Ekvall and Amiable research is that they both demonstrated the relationship between single creativeness and the administration civilization and clime. The failing nevertheless is that they both have non included leading impact on creatvity. Andreopaulos ( 2001 ) included leadesrhip manner with organizational clime. organizational civilization. resources and accomplishments. and construction and systems of an administration as paramters that affect organizational creativeness.

It is a myth to believe that merely gifted people are originative. Creativity is a accomplishment that can be developed and a procedure that can be managed as revealed in a survey by George Land. Here Land ( 1993 ) suggestes that ‘Creativity begins with a foundation of cognition. larning a subject. and get the hanging a manner of thinking’ .

Invention on the other manus happens when a originative thought has been reduced to pattern. This new pattern or merchandise when adopted by societies or administrations establishes a new form or way of making things which we so refer to as invention. The above distinction between the three facets of creativeness. innovation and invention is can be farther summed up as follows:

Invention is “the creative activity of something that is wholly or wholly new” . Creativity is ” the act of bring forthing new thoughts and perspectives” . Invention is “applying thoughts. procedures. merchandises. innovations. or processs. which are new to the people and topographic points where they are introduced” .

It should be noted that an pioneer does non necessitate to be an discoverer. For illustration the legendry Steve Jobs got the chief characteristics of the Macintosh runing system from the Xerox PARC which so became the power engine behind the MAC computing machine and late new runing systems based on the MAC runing system delivered to us many of the most desired devices such as the IPAD and the IPOD.


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