Technology: Innovation and Invention

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Technology has always been the top priority to people in this borderless world. Life seems to be so dull and gloomy without interaction with other people.

The word YUPPIES; young, urban and professionals is the most exact word synonymous to the young people in this contemporary age of world. The youth have powerful imaginations that create them to be a group of technologist. People are living their life with invention and innovation to bring comfort and happiness in their days.Although world is crawling to the end, innovation and invention grow innocently in a nick of time and eventually lead to both pros and cons to the humans.

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Life go faster than we ever think, creating abundance of invention namely smartphones, laptops, and tabs. On top of that, the youth choose smartphones as the most important modern invention in their life. They cannot survive without this new invention as smartphones make communication become easier, information to be anywhere and everywhere and life become a real effective.First and foremost, a modern invention that brings new colours in the youth life make communication becomes easier.

Smartphones including iPhone, Note II, and Blackberry offer the users with their outstanding application such as Viber, Wechat, Line and Skype. These applications are able to connect people from diverse country with different time zone without limitations. The youth are “in the cloud nine” to chat, video calls, and texting without any charge. It is free of charge! They can discuss over the matter of education, personal life and their future.

Friends are connected and friendships become evergreen although two people come from different continents. Moreover, communication via smartphones’ application including Twitter and Facebook are more interesting and up-to-date because they provide the youth with interactive and happening tools of communication. Life becomes more colourful like the rainbow. Thus, smartphones are half of the youth life in term of communication.

Besides communication becomes much easier, smartphones make information to be anywhere and everywhere.There are a myriad of tools which run the information to people for every seconds. For instance, Flipboard offers substantial worldwide news, latest info and life tips for all smartphones’ users. Other than that, Google and Mozilla Firefox empower the search engine for information in just one touch.

Everything appears efficiently and effectively for the youth to discover their world freely. Assignments need information, interviews are done with a lot of universal knowledge, and career planning requires a plethora of information about the career being chosen.There are no excuses that one cannot survive in this competing era because smartphones have proven their task as a powerful researcher for their master. Hence, it is clear that smartphones bring information easily and efficiently.

Apart from communication becomes much easier and information to be anywhere and everywhere, smartphones make life become a real effective. Why life become a real effective? What do smartphones have done to human’s personal life? This is probably because smartphones are able pay telephone bills and personal loan without the fears of long queue at the banks.Smartphones also are able to order online ticket flight without having a long and busy journey to the airport for the ordering process. Furthermore, people can escape counter-check-in which require a lot of patience and perseverance with web-check-in application.

How easy would life be for a multitasked person? The youth also can just purchase their prepaid online easily whether for their phones or broadband. This modern invention changes the youth life in 360 degree with the amazement and pure joy to continue their mysterious journey to the pinnacle of success.There is no doubt that smartphones bring easiness to an effective life. All in all, smartphones make life become dependent to them as smartphones make communication becomes easier, information to be anywhere and everywhere and life a real effective.

The youth are almost become clueless without this splendid invention. It is such an honour for the talented inventor to invent this magnificent invention. The world today is demanded for more intelligent youngsters to use their creativity and passion in creating a lot of new invention for human’s life. Clever people wisely say, “Life is dull if we consume much without produce ours.

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