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How to write a critical thinking example

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Critical thinking is the act of making decision using every possibility possible to see what benefits you the most out of a difficult decision. A skill that can be used on a daily basis to make a decision you are having trouble with. One way to use and expand the efficiency of critical thinking is by practicing this six level of thinking. The lower level are an easier method that provide simple solutions, while the higher levers are a little bit more tougher but provide ways to create the results desired in a creative way.

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How to write a critical thinking example
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The first level is remembering. Do you remember experiencing something similar that will help on the decision making? Or do you remember facts that you heard from somewhere that could affect the decision. Put all the facts and experience know to help determine what the outcome could be, and base the decisions of those know experiences. Level two is understanding. Can you understand what the situation is? By understanding the situation you are TABLE to compare past experiences and the results to see what kind of decision will be made.

Level three is applying.

Try applying ideas to get the results you want. Set a goal or a deadline. Doing so puts you in a path that will still be TABLE to give you options at end, and work of more ideas after that. Level four is analyzing. Analyze every single situation involving the idea. Break everything down step by step, observing and analyzing every possibility. Seeing what steps you can take to achieve your goals. Level five is evaluate. Evaluate the idea and determined whether is true or false. If you have to wait for more information do. Those ideas can lead to a better result in your decisions making.

The last level is creating. Create the path you want to take. Create the openings needed to achieve your ideas and goals. All of this can be performed by choosing the best level fitted for you. Another you have to take into consideration are your ethics. Are you following the ethics you believe in? Each person has different believes in ethics. Some people are rational and others equal. This places an important role on the decision making. The way you think may lead to avoiding options that you don’t want to take because you do not agree with it.

My blind spot is that rely too much on people, leaving high expectations for them. I will trust somebody to do a task for me and immediately think that it will be done without thinking that there could be a chance that he would not accomplish the task. Thinking that nobody can fail can be in issue with my decision makings because I will set goals and make plans, thinking that anybody involve in my goals and plans will automatically accomplish them.

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