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Critical Thinking of Fast Food Restaurant

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Fast food industry has a very long history and story, but does everyone know why they are so success to operate and have thousands of branch stores right now? In this paper I would explain how fast food industry success, what makes them to be success and how they use competitive advantage to be success. Also discuss the pros and cons of speed and location strategy. I believe everyone know what is McDonald’s, which is a very famous fast food restaurant and expanded to almost every corner next to you.

Why McDonald’s is so success? It is because they work very well with their competitive advantage.

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Critical Thinking of Fast Food Restaurant
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As a fast food restaurant, very obvious that speed is very important and emphasized. Another that I want to talk about is location. Why speed and location are so important? Then you should ask people why they want to go to fast food restaurant. 8 out of 10 people said that they are in hurry and just have certain minutes for breakfast or lunch.

Those people would be the target customers of the fast food restaurant, speed is use to attract busy people who want to finish their meal in a short amount of time. Although speed is very important, it doesn’t work very well without choose a suitable location.

Opening a restaurant you should concern about your location, think about which location has more busy people. McDonald’s does it very well; you can see it in every corner not only in U. S. but around the world. Fast food restaurant can success mainly because of people’s lifestyle become busy and busier. Times to have a breakfast or lunch become less and less, some people even do not eat breakfast and the reason is no time at all. In my opinion, fast food restaurant succeed not only because they have good strategy but also related to public’s lifestyle.

If people are not busy, how many people would still go to there? After talking about the strategy, now start to discuss the pros and cons of them. Speed can be a good thing to the people that are very busy, but can be a bad thing to the people who don’t really care how fast the speed is. For example, the setting of a printer has slow, normal and fast, but what they mean is the quality level. Slow means high quality, normal means average and fast means poor quality. That is true, if you want to keep high speed, the quality level of the foods are going to be lower, just like the printer example.

Now talk about location, you may want to open a restaurant at an area that cloud of people, business area would be the best choice because there are many people and they all busy, but what will be the cost if I open a restaurant in a business or commercial district? The rent or the land should cost a lot more. When we start our business, there are so many things you need to concern about; I can say everything has pros and cons, no perfect idea in reality. You need to find out all pros and cons of every decision that you make, try to limit the negative impact as less as possible.

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