Crown Cork and Seal in 1989: A Case Study

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The key strategic issues that Bill Avery needs to consider as the new CEO of Crown Cork and Seal include renewed marketing strategies, expansion, and innovation to remain competitive in the packaging industry. Avery has the option to merge with Continental Can to increase market distribution and could use innovation to offer unique designs, shapes, and materials for packaging. The appropriate industry to analyze is the whole packaging industry, not just metal container packaging. Significant changes are taking place in the industry, and Avery should consider using modern technology to stay relevant. The metal container has been popular over the years due to its recyclability, redesign capabilities, and product preservation. Under John Connelly’s leadership, Crown Cork and Seal revolutionized the industry through his management style, which resulted in redefining the company’s position. Avery should gather the courage to make small changes and prove his style and identity.

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What are the key strategic issues that Avery needs to consider?

Since this is the time to show Avery’s worth he must consider renewed marketing strategies to remain competitive in the business circle. Strategies such as expansion and innovation can be greatly considered. Adapting to manufacturer’s ideas using distinctive designs, shapes, and materials through innovation can bring effective symbolism to the product and offers a more active marketing strategy.

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What strategic options are open to him?

For one, Continental Can offers a great opportunity to Crown and their merging would mean larger market distribution of their products. Once the line is in a broader international market, this is where innovation is needed. Packaging is always synonymous with the use of technology and innovation. Crown has already manifested its product years ago and has proved its marketability. But trying another endeavor would not hurt the company but instead could offer broader and greater opportunities.

If we are going to analyze the industry that Crown competes in, what is the appropriate industry to analyze?

What is in line with Crown’s business does not solely focus on metal container packaging on colas and other beverages but the whole packaging industry as well. All kinds of food, perishable products, chemicals, detergents, and other home and industrial products now come with different containers, designs, and materials. Packagers are always on the run to hook many manufacturers as they can because manufacturers have the option to choose the best and most reliable packagers, which could offer something new for their products.

What significant changes are taking place in the industry?

How should the new CEO, Bill Avery, respond? Is it finally time to change the Connelly strategy that has been successful for over 30 years? Whatever needs are taking place in this industry is dictated by what people expect. The international market is being run by the most modern technology being used in marketing and expanding of products. Bill Avery should consider using this technology resource that is only within his reach. Crown has surpassed the test of time for many years and is still successful. Now that Avery is at the helm, it does not mean changing Connely’s strategy but redefined it. Taking challenges for example at a precautionary level will not harm the company but will provide further experience be it becomes a failure or probably another breakthrough.

How attractive has the metal container been over the years?

In the case of aluminum can containers they are still the most popular and preferred containers for beverages because they can be recycled easily, redesigned, put attractive logos and carry the message of the product. There are no other metal containers that can outlast its advantages because it is lighter over the glass, steel, and plastics and can preserve the product’s freshness more efficiently (Bradley, 2005).

How well did Crown Cork do under John Connelly? What were the keys to their success?

John Connely has proved himself successful even though he was being criticized for being strict. But he revolutionized the industry, not because of his unique style of management, which resulted in redefining the Crown’s position on the metal can industry. Many people view his decision as one daring move in putting accountabilities to his regional plant managers. But this idea worked pretty well. Now that it is Avery’s era, it is time for him to gather courage and try little changes and prove his style and identity (Bradley, 2005).


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