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Cultural Difficulties

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Cultural Difficulties Essay The definition of normal cause’s great controversy, especially with what society portrays it to be. With all the racial and cultural diversity the world has today, the American portrayal still lingers in Americans minds today. This idea of normal carries stereotypes and a lot of ignorance. Although cultures are different, they all come with a list of stereotypes. Naheed, a Muslim and Sheila, an Inuit, are no exception when it comes to discrimination toward their culture.

Society puts huge emphasis on living the American dream, the ‘normal’ lifestyle.

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Cultural Difficulties
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Even with all this cultural diversity in America, there are still many people ignorant to the idea of a culture different than their own. What is normal? Why is normal put in a small box with specific standards? Naheed and Sheila try to sustain their culture while facing obstacles, challenging them to live the way they want to. Sheila gave a voice in her essay to the global warming in Nunavut and the cultural ignorance she faces when it comes to living as an Inuit.

Nunavut’s temperature is rising, causing extreme damage to the tundra. This equals to no snow, without snow the seals can’t make shelter for their babies. This causes them travel north in hopes of a colder climate. The environment in the arctic is the way of life for the Inuit, it is important for them to protect their land. For them, hunting is rite of passage that teaches young people essential life lessons. With all the animals migrating it is difficult to find animals to hunt. Society doesn’t understand the necessity of hunting as a part of the Inuit culture.

The animals that are hunted are becoming limited because of society’s lack of care on the environment. The carelessness of society towards the environment makes it very difficult for Sheila and all other Inuit’s culture. In My Body Is My Own Business, Naheed Mustafa, feels free by covering her body and hair. Wearing a hijab gives her freedom from attention to herself. Naheed covers herself so no one will focus on her appearance, not because she is forced too, but because she feels free that way. Being forced into anything are one of the many stereotypes of a Muslim woman.

Lack of education is another, she still experiences people talk to her as if she doesn’t understand English. These stereotypes greatly impact her culture making her feel judged in the society she lives in. Sheila and Naheed both try to sustain their way of life but have obstacles in the way making it hard to live the way they want to. It’s challenging sharing a world with people who look at you funny or can’t comprehend the importance of something so significant to you. Although there will always be discrimination towards beliefs, there is always a way to help open eyes of uneducated people.

Sheila Watt Cloutier is the International ICC representing 155,000 Inuit people, helped people open their eyes to the importance of hunting with a 167 paged petition. When it came to different values, Naheed Mustafa’s essay on why she covers her body as a sign of freedom and not imitated rights help people understand her point of view and see beyond society’s stereotypes. Things like essays and petitions help open people’s eyes to different values and morals. Living with arbitrated eyes on you must be a tough way to live, However, with the information these women gave, it helps the world become a more open and warm place to live in.

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