Prejudice Child Of Ignorance

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A bias kid, is a kid of ignorance; a kid that has been raised to believe what their parents believe. Prejudice is everyplace. Peoples who have bias are raised to believe that they are normal and acceptable, and anyone that is different from them is non. Prejudice does non merely use to color. It can use to play down, sex, sexual penchant, or nationality. Although people who have bias may believe otherwise, non cognizing that the definition of bias is a preconceived sentiment they think there actions are non incorrect, but all sorts are incorrect. When placed in an environment with people, who do non hold any bias, they come out looking obstinate, and ignorant.

The kid’s parents may hold put him in an environment where everyone is considered acceptable. His parents may hold been affluent, and put him in a private school that merely other rich childs can go to. This would be an environment where at that place may non be racial differences. Because of the manner, he was taught and raised, the kid has become prejudiced, and the beliefs that his parents one time had are now his ain.

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When this kid leaves that school, he has non had any contact with anyone from a different life style. He will non cognize how to respond to person like a stateless individual on the street. Like the kid, everyone in America has a right to be here. Just because person looks or acts different from him, that does non do his biass right. The nicest individual in the universe could be a stateless individual, and the kid would likely truly like to cognize him. Alternatively, the kid turns him off based on his visual aspect and fiscal state of affairs.

Prejudice stirs up a hatred inside that the kid will likely cognize for the remainder of his life. Other people do non understand him because they know that life in America is a privilege. They understand that “all work forces and adult females are equal, and hold merely every bit much a right to be here as everyone else. However, the kid does non recognize this because of Hotungsten he was raised.

The old Television show “All in the Family” is a good illustration of how nescient and incorrect bias is. The chief character of the show is Archie Bunker. Although he can digest, black people, he frequently separates himself from them. When he talks to a black individual, he ever makes remarks like, “I wouldn’t cognize because that’s something your people would know.” Archie is portrayed to be nescient, and stubborn. He does non care much for anyone that is different from him. He does non similar people who try to rectify him, because he thinks he is ever right. He ridicules people that are different from him and mocks things he does non understand.

Archie frequently goes by stereotypes. In his eyes, adult females are supposed to remain place and cook while he goes to work. He believes that adult females are non supposed to hold occupations or do any physical work. In one episode, he did non desire to see a physician because the physician was female, and he did non swear her to execute surgery.

Overall, Archie Bunker makes the show amusing because he is nescient. Peoples laugh at him because they know his thoughts and beliefs are incorrect, and that makes him look to be an imbecile. “All In the Family” was a good show of its clip. It used sarcasm to demo how cockamamie and incorrect bias is. Watching Archie taught me to express joy at people with that type of attitude towards people.

It is apprehensible that people like the kid and Archie Bunker exist. Their beliefs may non be right, but this is non ever their mistake. A childhood with parents who are prejudiced or a privy environment with lone people that meet high criterions is normally the ground a individual grows up this manner. However, this evidently does non do it right. Prejudice is a type of hatred, and hatred of all sorts is incorrect.

Prejudice is holding bias feelings against person for the manner they look, frock, and act. This is a stupid ground to detest person. In add-on, in the terminal, the individual who has this type of hatred merely turns out to be a kid of ignorance.

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