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The Ignorance of Discrimination

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The ignorance of discrimination Discrimination is a serious issue that is unfortunately rampant across the globe. There are different categories ranging from race, gender, sexual orientation, and weight or height. Some people discriminate without knowing the true ramifications of their actions. Also not being aware of how uncomfortable and self-conscience their words or actions are going to affect others. In the stories, The Myth of the Latin Women by Judith Ortiz Cofer and Discrimination at Large by Jennifer A Coleman, we are going to encounter different forms of discriminations and how it affects and alters their way of life.

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The Ignorance of Discrimination
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Despite efforts of eliminating discrimination through out the years, it remains persuasive in society largely because of ignorance. Discrimination at Large by Jennifer A Coleman shows her the struggles and her experiences of her life growing up as an overweight person and trying to overcome them in a world full of ignorance and discrimination. In this society we are thought from a young age that antigay, disabled, elderly, speech impaired and racial slurs are not to be uttered in an unrighteous matter; But this is not quite the case for “FAT” or “overweight” people.

We do not notice how the movies, television and cartoons play a big role in making it seem that their is nothing wrong with laughing or making a joke when referring to an overweight person. As we have seen in the pasted but may not have notice, most funny movies and cartoons the main character is indeed a fat person. So subconsciously we are getting a subliminal message that gives it the okay. But it is not okay; it is people’s ignorance to the matter that fuels this type of discrimination.

For Coleman she was constantly reminded about her weight and how lazy and disgusting she was and looked. It got to the point that Coleman needed to make a change to her life. She wanted to lose weight and so she started jogging, swimming, cycling and also started a diet. Coleman was very positive and motivated, but all she could think about was to escape all the negative remarks once and for all. Coleman would get polite remarks like “you are would really be pretty if you lost weight” and unpeaceful ones like lose weight, you fat slob” regardless of the fact one should never have to be scrutinized in this way. In addition, Coleman fought harder to lose weight but could never lose enough of it. No matter where she went either to the beach, to the mall or for a walk, Coleman was sure to encounter some sort of discriminatory action. For a person to ever feel like Coleman has over the years it is saddening, especially when she wants out of her body because she sees no other way. Despite her harsh upbringings one of the great things about Jennifer A.

Coleman is that she became a discrimination and civil rights lawyer, a step in the right direction towards eliminating discrimination and its ignorance. The Myth of the Latin Women by Judith Ortiz Cofer is about a Puerto Rican women living in the United States and having to deal with stereotypes due to her hispanic appearance. It was hard to always be judged, seeing how for Ortiz Cofer colors could never be too loud and one cannot have too much jewelry or accessories; this is the norm for anyone in Puerto Rico. It is wanting to always look good for any occasion. hen going to American parties she often felt extremely overdressed and embarrassed. People would at times criticize her and friends would come up to her and say “you wear everything at once” regarding the jewelry and accessories. Ortiz Cofer understands that some types of clothing are sexual signs but no excuse for remarks regarding discrimination of stereotypes. She describes her first dance with a boy that tried to kiss her and when she didn’t respond the way the boy was expecting too this remark was “I thought you Latin girls were supposed to mature early”.

These are some example of why Ortiz Cofer has had enough of this misinterpretation of stereotypes. Ortiz Cofer is one of the many luck ones, due in part to education. There are many Latinas that do not have the privilege, and with this she wants her work to get some universal truth and overcome all forms of discriminations. Ortiz Cofer goal is to replace the old stereotypes with much more interesting set of realities.

By more and more people both men and women acquiring higher education level, stereotype and discriminations should start diminishing. From a source from the LaGuardia library, How Congress could reduce Job Discrimination by Promoting Anonymous Hiring by David Hausman, Stanford Law Review May 1, 2012, Wal-Mart stores, inc VS Dukes, is a step in the right direction to improve the standard form of hiring by changing it to an anonymous form; As a result it will eliminate discrimination by the employer.

This would also force to eliminate information on the resume about race and sex and get rid of interviews. Along with psychologist having done studies, by taking this approach of anonymous hiring even if the legislation fails to pass, it may encourage some firms to adopt this practice voluntarily because they notice that this way one can hire productive employees.

At the end it failed to pass because there was no evidence of individual intent to discriminate, but this does not mean that there is no discrimination in this field, there is no hard proof yet. When someone goes to an interview it gives the employer a chance to judge you. Then if he saw something about you physically that he did not like, he could just say that you didn’t meet the criteria or hired someone else. Therefore getting away with discriminating.

Hopefully these steps at attempting to make a difference could have a chain reaction and encourage people to educate themselves so therefore we could minimize or eliminate once and for all the ignorance of discrimination. In conclusion, The Myth of the Latin Women by Judith Ortiz Cofer and Discrimination at Large by Jennifer A Coleman are two women who were discriminated against while growing up, and are trying to make a difference by telling their story. Teaching people by making them see their point of view. That it is not okay to discriminate

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