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Cultural Diversity: Why Is It Important?



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    Diversity is one of the most important aspect and controls the way we live life. It is defined as the act of joining together despite the organization or religion you’re in. A well Diverse organization will value the people no matter what kind of offer. With that it sees through the hardship and passed the background of different people no despite what skills they bring. It encourages and harness the thoughts of every individual and combines it into one. Diversity gives us the ability to experience, learn and to better our action as a human being. In society today, most people look at diversity as a good thing, it allows the chance of change. Which would also bring the chance to experience and grow as one and not divided. Diversity encourages people to grow outside their comfort zone to adventure out their boundaries to learn something new about a culture.

    We can learn so much about how different beliefs and experiences can change the way you think. Understanding what diversity is and how beneficial it is to society and individuals is important. Society is becoming more diverse in the since of religion or personal lifestyles. One of the biggest things today is diversity is the way schools are conducted. Schools have come along way in which there’s diversity in almost every school. Schools are one of the most places where you would see diversity, class rooms, school teams, after school programs and even teachers. Schools that have a wide verity of diversity in their schools seems to thrive in classroom participations or even in class work. Social aspect as well, they develop a well public speaking environment an environment where they can feel comfortable in talking in class.

    School is the starting grounds of a well-developed organization that would take diversity into the next step. It shows that everyone has something to bring to the table no matter what race or ethnicity you are. Schools give people the ability to dive into other cultures and experience someone else’s life. It allows them to see through others eyes instead of just their own perspectives. Having different friends with different backgrounds and different standpoints of the world. School is a place full of wonders were diversity can strive for the best. It brings all kinds of people together to study as one. Its gives us the ability to mess up and learn from each other. it prepares you to work together as a team in order to conquer goals. Diversity in schools teaches people to push through and continue to fight together for a better result.

    Schools that have diversity is proven that, by having diversity in their schools helps the students. It allows the student to be open minded to the different ways in being able to understand something. It shows that anyone is capable of learning or even teaching if given the right opportunity. It puts away the I’m better then you attitude and no one can tell me what to do. It is proven that students work extremely better in a diverse environment which pushes them to concentrate and push further. it promotes creativity’s and better education which also helps build collaborations in order to solve problems. Promoting diversity in the teachers gives students a better look in enhancing their trust in a learning environment. Having that diversity gives the students a better feeling of security and life when educated in a diverse setting.

    Diversity in schools is more then just trying to encourage your students and keep them on the correct path. It’s the ways that teachers have to continue to administrate things to think critically on how diversity will impact the student. Teachers must teach students that even though everyone is different, in many other aspects, everyone is still the same. This will go extremely far in helping many students in accepting diversity and being able to promote it in their normal lives. It is extremely important that schools around the world celebrate diversity and continues to play a big factor in society diversity is a major component in the life that we all live in. it’s what keeps us all going and ready for any outcome.

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