Cultural Diversity and English-Language Environments

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Multiculturalism Muliculturalism can be defined by the presence of peoples of diverse ethnic origins. Diversity is devine Like Plato and Aristotle, Christian theologians combined their even greater delight in the infinie diversity of the natural world with a commitment to moral monism. God could have easily created a uniform universe. The fact that He did not shows great a value He placed on diversity. Augustine asked why God did not make all things similar and replied, non essent omnia, si essent aequalia which means if all this were similar, all things would not exist.

Introduction: Most countries are now culturally plural, with more than one ethnicity and language represented in their populations. And nation states usually have a policy towards their pluralism. Many attempt to forge some homogeneity through a process of assimilation. While others verge on breaking apart because of separation movements. Yet others seek to achieve mutual accommodation among the various cultural elements, through a process of integration.

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In this latter case, dominant and non-dominant populations agree to modify their behaviour and institutionsso that all can find a secure place in a heterogeneous society. Diversity is a fact of life: Diversity is a fact of life; wether it is the spice or the irritant to people is the fundamental psychological, social, cultural and political issue of our times _ John W Berry, 1997a: 138 we must learn how to live harmounisly with each other. If we unite we can achieve to make our planet a safer place to live on along with maintaining a culturally plural society. > So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole world_ Baha’u’llah. It is more salubrious that people with foreign pedegree learn English and speak it fluently when living or working in English-language environments, beacause in this matter both sides can benefit from each others culturally. As different as we look so does our culture. So by exploring each others culture, there are so much new to learn. Maybe we will have the faculty to upgrade ourselves in order to be a better person and eventually change our life philossophy radically.

Maybe this probe will show us a nother outlook of ourselves and help us to unfold into the exact person we were meant to be. We will no lounger have boundries which will keep us from interacting despite our aberrations and disagreements around numerous suspicions. With this in mind, we are cooperating to beget (create) a safe atmosphere for freedom to proliferate. In an atmosphere where we can preserve, enhance and share our cultural heritage, and last but not least emphasize the creativity, and evolution that result from cultures in contact.

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