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Culturally Insensitive Television Shows

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There are many shows on television these days that people would call culturally insensitive, such as the Jersey Shore, Tosh . 0, Buckwild, 16 and Pregnant, the list could go on and on. But I think that one of the most culturally insensitive shows of all is South Park. It is a show that revolves around 4 4th graders in a small mountain town in Colorado. Most people in America have heard of South Park or watched it because it relates to current events and real world scenarios.

However the humor used can be crude and insensitive to populations in America or all over the world.

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Culturally Insensitive Television Shows
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One of the many culturally insensitive scenarios they use is how they portray Canadians, the creators of South Park make the Canadians look different and stupid compared to the Americans on the show, so it is emphasized how weird Canadians are. That is insensitive because they look no different than us. Another way they also have one black child in 4th graders school and his name is Token because he is the ‘token’ black character for the T.

V. show. They also make snarky comments towards Jewish people because one of the main characters, Kyle, is Jewish.

South Park makes fun of essentially every class, every race and ethnicity in America. They make fun of celebrities in particular such as when they turned Snooki from the Jersey Shore into a horrible monster. South Park makes culturally insensitivity for the purpose of humor absolutely absurd almost to point out the irony of reality and how culturally insensitive the real world actually is. Many people get upset with some of the episodes of South Park because they really push the limits with what they make fun of.

But I think the most culturally insensitive portion of the show was when the creators showed images of Muhammad in one of their episodes in order to mock a Dutch political cartoonist’s image of Muhammad, which started riots in Europe. They were just poking the sleeping bear in order to be funny, however Muslim people got extremely offended and the producers of South Park began to get threatened by terrorists as a result of their insensitive episode. This is by far the farthest that South Park has gone and it was certainly the most culturally insensitive show on Television currently.

I personally don’t think that South Park should be changed too much because it is not far from the truth. Every person in America has some sort of prejudice against some other race, ethnicity, or even person. South Park just takes what everybody is already thinking and making it funny and putting it on air for all to see. While I do agree the cross the line some of the time, they do make some things easier to understand and makes really serious things a little funnier, and I don’t think humor ever hurt anybody.

South Park could die down a little bit on the racist jokes and other crude remarks they make throughout the episode, however that is what makes it a good show. It is the truth and there is nothing wrong with that. They also have disclaimers at the beginning of the show so that people cannot get too upset. Everybody thinks and acts differently and they are entitled to their own opinions, and that goes for the producers and creators of South Park. People who view South Park may take what the show has to offer however they please, whether they be offended or laugh at it, but in the end it is all just for fun.

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