Culturally Diverse Communities and Contributed to My Personal Growth

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I consider myself a solid candidate due to the relevance of my educational background and personal experiences. My motivation and persistence are very high. I’m also a dedicated and enthusiastic person who strives to succeed in any project I undertake. Counseling is an integral part, and at any stage of the client’s treatment, it is designed to assist a variety of clients in their pain, depression, and complex situation. I want to learn from California State University Fullerton and offer professional services through hard work and commitment in order to achieve my dream.

I am a good communicator effective communication skills are important to counseling as well as active listening skills and are examples of qualities to help people solve their problems and find practical approaches to understanding client problems.I would like to broaden and further develop my knowledge of best practices, ethical codes, and moral boundaries in counseling. Self-reflection is important for being a professional counselor. This lets me demonstrate my perceptions, emotions, and beliefs to strangers from different cultures. I may appreciate what people think about the universe and my own views towards others that are different from mine. I have been very open-minded and eager to learn about culturally diverse communities and have promoted my own personal growth. The recognition and genuine acceptance of diversity at all levels of society, from the local to the foreign, is crucial.

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The desire to diversify rests upon the future of humanity. I find my innate and accommodating nature a strong asset as a specialist in family counseling and remain completely knowledgeable and concentrated on the therapeutic priorities established. I must help the client know that patience, experience, and realistic expectations and milestones will solve his / her problems. Over the years,I have been struggling to do various multiple things during the day and it has resulted to procrastination or delays. However, am now trying to get more organized by fitting my work schedule with my other activities using a to-do list. I have made great progress as I get things done in time. Understanding of the counseling profession and my motivation and suitability for entering it the Counseling Masters supports my dream with the next level of expertise.

This course provides a splendid opportunity to plan and conduct research on selected areas of consultation, such as therapeutic skills, to develop the theory and practice of counseling. I have been willing to work with people and have always been intrigued with human behavior and learning how the mind works so that people might lead better lives. This fascination makes counseling so desirable for me. For several factors, as a student in your program at the University of California, I intend to focus on family counseling. Because I want to support family members in better communication, in solving problems in their households, in knowing and managing special family circumstances such as death, severe physical or mental disorder, or child and adult difficulties, and build an atmosphere that works better for them.

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