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People all over the world need Jesus. They search for love in other places than Christ. But, there are still some firm believers in Christ Jesus. They, in John 3:16, will go to heaven because they believe in Jesus. But what about those people who unintentionally dismiss Christ? What happens to those few unfortunate souls? What becomes of those who never hear the gospel, like the mentally retarded, babies and people in faraway lands? From my research I have determined that every person is responsible for his or her soul, regardless of race or denomination barriers. However, babies, whether they are physically or mentally young, do have an exception. Jesus is the shepherd of his flock. He takes care of His sheep, but only to an extent.

From my research, I have found that mentally retarded children and adults can be saved based on the abilities of their minds. If in their minds they are at the age of a child, then they cannot mentally reason, make decisions, or question situations properly. They have not fully developed the ability to decipher between two things completely on their own. Therefore, because babies are saved and enter heaven freely, I have found that mentally retarded people whose minds are in “the baby years” are guaranteed entrance into heaven. However, if you were mentally retarded and were not a child at mind, then the situation is quite different. If they have the ability to reason and think properly on their own, then they are mentally in a similar stage as a normal adult. Therefore, I believe that mentally retarded people who have the mind of an adult indeed have to believe in their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to gain eternal life in heaven. In conclusion, I have come to the decision through my research that mentally retarded people gain entrance to heaven accordingly, depending on the severity of their disease.

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Next, I have found that babies go to heaven when they die. Babies have no real way of reasoning or thinking at all on their own, and are therefore incapable of decided what to believe and what not to believe. It is a well-known fact that babies believe in everything that they hear, and cannot tell the truth from a lie. Therefore, I think that God places the responsibility of raising the child to believe in God in the hearts of his or her parents. So, the responsibility of his or her soul does not fall on the ill-raised heart of a non-believing baby; for how can they decide what is true and what is false? They cannot. In conclusion, I believe that the “sole responsibility for the soul” of the child or un-born child is not within themselves, however, it is placed on the soul of his or her parents.

Lastly, I have found, in my research, that those living in faraway lands are somewhat responsible for their own eternal life. The bible says that you cannot deny the existence of God when you see the creations of his mighty hand all around you each day. In that sense, a person living across the sea and deep in a rainforest should acknowledge the existence of a divine creator simply by viewing those very creations, which surround him each day. But, let’s say a person realizes that there is a God, and yet does not know of his son, Jesus, through whom we achieve eternal life, simply because the gospel has not been presented to him? I believe the soul of that particular human falls on the Christians who are called in Matthew 28:19-20 to go and reach the nations and teach them the works of the Lord and teach the word of the bible, so that God will save them from eternal damnation in hell. Then, I believe that Christians have failed to do their part, not the person who tries their hardest to see the God, but has not been given the “Good News.” There is, however, the person who is presented with the gospel and rebukes it, or fails to see the truth in it because of their “gods.” I have found that these people will indeed go to hell, because they have rebuked the holy spirit to the point that they can no longer be reconciled, because it is too late. In conclusion, I have found that if you are presented with the gospel, and deny it, you are condemned eternally. But, if Christians fail to do their part, and get the message to you, then you can have hope in an eternal life with Jesus in heaven.

I have discovered many new and important things in my research project. My topic: “What happens to those who never hear the gospel, like babies, mentally retarded, and people in faraway lands?” has been both interesting and insightful, as I learned new things. I have found, through many hours of research, that babies, mentally young retarded people, and people in faraway lands that have never heard the gospel are saved through the loving blood of Christ Jesus. I have also found that mentally mature retarded people, and those living in faraway that deny the existence of the Creator or His Son, will live eternally in hell. I believe now, that it is completely on the hearts and minds of Christians worldwide to witness to everyone. The young, the faraway, and the mentally retarded alike; they deserve our time and our Jesus.


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