Current research topics in astronomy Essay

Current research topics in astronomy

            In the field of astronomy, there is a wide variety of fiends that are currently gaining notice for their concern and scope in the relation to life on the planet. One current issue is that whether the concept of life and its creation was made through scientific means or by some divine power as espoused by Creationists in the astronomy academe. Would it right to say that the current theory that the world was created by some cosmic explosion or by the hand and will of a divine being? If so, then how did it happen? 

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Current research topics in astronomy
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            The creationists among the academe in astronomy feel that the world and the universe as we know it were created by a Divine Being and not by some cosmic conflagration (David Faulkner). Mainly, they center their arguments on the opposition to the scientific concept of the “Big Bang” theory espoused by the mainstream scientific community (Faulkner). Also, they focus their strategy that the cosmos was planned rather than a spontaneous result of a cosmic explosion (Faulkner). Finally, they also center on the issue that the universe is still undergoing creation rather than staying static and that what is created will ultimately die out (Faulkner).

            If the system is created billions of years ago, is there any Biblical terms that has definitively come out on the age of the Milky Way, our solar system? In the current theory, the planets were said to have emanated from three origins (Christian Answers Network). One is that the solar system originated from the sun, or by the process of fission (Christian Answers). Another is that the solar system and the sun were created separately, and lastly, that the solar system was created in consonance with the sun, or by accretion (Christian Answers). Just how prevalent is the belief in the creation astronomy theory?

            The academicians that pursue the cause of an “intelligent design” espouse this theory on the evolution of the species on the planet (Sub Brilliant News). The same members of the academe are currently being challenged in their deficiency to buttress the field of creation astronomy (Brilliant News). They aver the stand and cause for the creation astronomy theory is not being adequately being given fair opportunity for discussion (Brilliant News). Astronomers espousing the belief of a grand strategy of cosmic bodies being placed in their places by design and not the result of random occurrence should be given due course (Brilliant News).

            But in every scheme, there are silent oppositions to the theory of Darwinism as the sole operating theory in the creation of the universe (Christian Answers). In the concept of creation astronomy, the Earth was not a simple chance or a random occurrence (Answers in Genesis). In fact, in the premise of the creation astronomers, the planet Earth is the prime piece of the design of the creation of the solar system and the universe (Answers). The question here is, is the Earth a created being of God or just a piece of rock where life eventually evolved (Answers)?

            According to some prominent researchers in the field of astronomy, the Earth must be considered as a piece of rock that is orbiting the sun (Answers). This sun is not the centerpiece star, as there are about 400 billion of these luminous bodies in the solar system alone (Answers).  But in the opinion of God, the Earth is not a piece of rock circling the sun-it is the masterpiece of his creation (Answers).

            The presence of a powerful Divine Being in the design and the creation of the universe are supported in the Scriptures (Wayne Spencer). In the Bible in the Book of Romans, chapter 1, verse 20, it states that the invisible characteristics of God are seen in the design of all things (Spencer). The mere complex nature of all things created, including the stars and the planets, would tend to point out that there was and is an intelligent Being behind the operation and systems of each created being (Spencer). The presence of other planets found around other sun-like lunar objects also point out that there is an intelligent Being behind all the workings of the universe (Spencer).

            The fact that the anti creation theory is not acceptable is that some of the theories themselves are full of inconsistencies (Answers). In the fission theory being espoused by the conventional school of astronomy, it is stated that the sun was bumped by a passing comet that tore some portions of the star (Answers). These fragments that were broken off the sun were eventually to form the planets around the sun (Answers).  These fragments became the planets after a period of cooling down (Answers).

               But that theory could not afford the angular initiative that would have been required to tear of the pieces in precise fashion (Answers). Another theory that conventional astronomy is that the sun was developed as a separate entity from the rest of the planets in the solar system (Answers). In the capture theory, the sun captured some clouds of gas hovering in space that became the material in the creation of the planets (Answers). The chemistry basis of the preeminence of life can also be bought out in the field of chemistry (Edward Bourdreaux).

It is not debated that there is the presence of these gaseous bodies in outer space (Answers).  But what is debated that the issue here is the sheer amount of gravity that the sun would have to put out to attract these bodies (Answers). The bodies are located a great distance away from the sun, and the distance of a considerable amount of light years would make this highly improbable (Answers). In this light, the debatable nature of the foundations of the “Big Bang” theory and other theories that put a premium on the random chances are highly suspicious (Answers).

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