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Current Political Issues in Phillipines

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There are several current issues in the Philippines, let’s just say in economic, political and government conditions, education, environment,health, socials and many more. Every day, we watch on television, we hear from radios, read from newspapers and in the internet the continuous news of corruption of some politicians is the most trending issue.

The scandalous pork barrel scam is history in the making. It is the biggest problem now a days in the government, imagine how many senators, congressmen and government agencies are being involved and a lot of budget are being wasted because of these fake NGOS and this is the example of a perfect crime.

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Current Political Issues in Phillipines
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The second trending issue is on the environment, those fortuitous event like the long list calamities that hit the country, specificallythe earthquake in bohol and the super typhoon haiyan/ Yolanda, these unprecedented calamities has been a great problem to us and for our political leaders but still with the help of outside countries and with fast relief operations of the government our country is hoping to rise from these terrible events.

But ofcourse some of our political leaders again and their operations had become harsh and some mal practices are present.

In the midst of our difficulties and despair, some politicians are taking advantage of the situation. We taxpayers pay for the salaries of these lawmakers to make our country the best place to live. To help them perform their job well, but what happened? Instead of performing their jobs and fulfill their function in uplifting the lives of Filipinos many of them used their power, authority, time and effort for sustaining their private interest so it may result in graft and corruption practices and anomalies in the government.

Poor become poorer and most of politicians are becoming busy increasing their assets. Now, there is really a good governance in the phillipines? Those sceneraio are the perfect examples that may greatly affect good governance, its because public office is a public trust. Public officers and employees must at all times be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity,loyalty, and efficiency, act with patriotism and justice and lead modest lives.

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Current Political Issues in Phillipines. (2016, Jul 14). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/current-events-in-the-philippines-and-how-it-affects-good-governance/

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