Cybercrime in the Middle East

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In the recent age of engineering and the outstanding influence of the practical or the web universe we see that the cyberspace has become an built-in portion of our lives. About every facet of our day-to-day lives has been touched by this characteristic of the cyberspace – sending of letters, messages, speaking to person in a distant location, happening of information, following some reference, fiscal minutess, acquiring of signifiers, shopping and the list goes on and on and on.

Quintessentially we feel that the cyberspace has genuinely revolutionized he human civilisation and is rather a blessing in the modern times. Although rather right in believing so, nevertheless we see that even this modern instrument in the custodies of adult male has been put to utilize for some awful offenses that has wreaked mayhem on the society ( Mishra, 2014 ) .

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Crimes that are committed through the aid of the computing machines and the cyberspace system are known as the cyber offense. In the current epoch this type of offense has taken a particular precedency. We see that the subdivision of the felons who activates in the said genre is rather educated and intelligent encephalons. Once once more it has been seen that the maximal figure of such felons belongs to the age group of 26 – 35.

Cyber offenses could of assorted types. These offenses could include activities every bit fiddling as illegal downloading of music and films and as grave and every bit terrible as larceny of money and occupying somebody’s privateness. In the recent times assorted types of cyber offense has been on an addition. In this instance we see that the Middle East or the Gulf part once more is witnessing an addition in the rate and the index of the cyber offense. In this article we will be discoursing the same with the position of the state of the UAE ( Kirsty, 2015 ) .

UAE and Cybercrime

Reports in the twelvemonth 2012 did uncover that in the following twelvemonth the state of UAE and its elements both persons every bit good as the concern categories were exposed to the dainty of being targeted by some sort of a cyber onslaught. The UAE has been declared to be one of the most extremely spammed states in the universe as per the records of 2011 and will be confronting an increased menace from cyber offenses I the twelvemonth 2013. In the twelvemonth 2011 the state had faced a entire 73 % of Spam and that figure is to increase in the approaching twelvemonth.

In the twelvemonth 2012 records reveal that about 46 % of the entire population utilizing the societal networking citations and the societal media were faced with the menace of cyber offense which is much greater the planetary norm of the 39 % that had been witnessed on a planetary study. Records, functionaries and governments did remark that in the twelvemonth 2013 there will be added addition in the cyber offenses. Tendencies will be such that the cyber offenses will be targeted more against the authorities and its governments of the state. Once once more cyber menace will be even faced by the big companies of the state along with the common general people of the society.

Observations and studies did uncover that the index and the quotient of cyber offense had gone up by about 81 % on a planetary graduated table and the tendency is about to derive an added impulse. In this position the concern organisations in the Middle East are to tend their watchfulness and must protect their company informations and information in a better and more sophisticated and unfailing manner ( Gatewood, 2014 ) .

Measures to battle Cybercrime in the UAE

In the face of the menace that the assorted cyber offenses happens to present for the society of the UAE the authorities of the land has taken assorted steps to battle the state of affairs and to protect and safeguard its guiltless citizens against the possible menaces of the cyber offense. However in this context we see that the many stairss that the authorities has taken events tend to queer popular sentiment.

The Torahs of the land say that cipher could utilize the information engineering to knock senior citizens, inquire for political reforms or form unaccredited presentation. Although the mentioned points are to command, any tendency of racial or sectarian favoritism, but finally the whole thing furuncles down to the fact that the jurisprudence and its terrible limitations are besides stamp downing free look and association of the common people.

The constabulary in the current times have become so active and determined to penalize any sort of online offense that the legal power even tends to do the UAE expression as a state that does non let and promote the growing of progressivity and that of a tolerant attitude. As per the legal powers that safeguards the state and its authorities from the felons discourtesies against cyber offense has become so terrible and rigorous in nature that alternatively of traveling forward it has taken the society a twosome of stairss rearward. We see that as per the articles of the fundamental law it says that event providing of information to the independent journalists and the organisations will be considered as terrible discourtesies ( Kelly & A ; Hudson, 2012 ) .

Reasons for the rush of the Cybercrime in the UAE

Experts and bookmans have delved instead deep into the facet of the sudden addition in the cyber offense and have come up with certain thoughts and grounds that will be explicating the sudden addition of the cyber offense in the UAE. In this section of the treatment we will be looking at these points:

  • It has been observed that the usage of the cyberspace services in the state has gone up truly high. Statistical studies do uncover that the cyberspace incursion in the UAE has gone up every bit high as 92 % . Peoples of e state are utilizing the cyberspace online services about in all the genres and the walks of life. From e Bills to the E Government services, to E Banking and E shopping the general population is doing an extended usage of the said services. Although this accentuates the life style of the state but at the same clip we see that the cyber user information is once more placed at a hazard factor.
  • Once once more we see that the Smartphone use has gone up truly high in state as a consequence of which once more gives the cyber felons a great platform to utilize for their benefit. This is so because the Smartphone are by and large android supported which once more proves as a extremely good platform for the felons of the web universe ( Hasbini, 2014 ) .
  • Again the UAE is a state that has a batch of wealth which once more invites incorrect attending.


The UAE is a state that happens to exhibit a immense growing and economic development. Once once more we see that the state is a topographic point where 1 can happen a batch accumulated wealth. It is for this ground that the cyber felons are progressively aiming the citizens of the state to steal wealth and information from them. This is a menace that has been recognized by both the authorities of the state and the general population of the state. United they need to happen solution to the whole job that could safeguard the involvement of the common people and at the same clip we see that the authorities must once more follow stairss that could halt the job and non choke popular sentiment.


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