David George Case Study Essay

There are several reasons that make George David become such a highly regarded/respected manager: * He has a good vision and strategic in management. He knew that values are very important in management. It is not only about achieving goal through people but also about how people and organization has good values. * He is a risk taker and creative thinker; he changed the system in organization so that he can control the performance of every division easily. * He was respected because he had respected people first.

From the text we know that he was not only demanding, but he was a good listener too. As a good listener, I’m sure that George has always tried to listen to his employee’s story and feeling. It makes people really respected him. He also respected anyone who worked hard as what Sandy Weill said “When somebody can’t do the job, he’ll try to help; but if that person is not going to make it work, that person won’t be on the job forever. ” Overall, George not only had managing skill but also good character. . How does David get things done through people? I think in this case there are 2 objects, ‘the things’ and ‘the people’. To make something done through people, he must have ‘the things’, a goal, what the organization want to do, something clear and realistic. Even a great manager and employee can’t take that all if the goal is not clear and absurd. Another one is he must do something properly with ‘the people’. David has done it very well; he was placing right man in the right place.

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The last, something that is really important is the bridge between ‘the things’ and ‘the people’, it is ‘the good communication’. I’m sure that David has conveyed the message of the organization’s goal properly to the employee, so they understood and were willing to do as what David desired. 3. The evidences of David’s: * Planning and strategizing Before he started his work, he has had a plan to persuade Ito (a Japanese Engineer in Otis Elevator company who has found a method for identifying quality problems and improving performance) to work for him at UTC.

It is his strategy to make UTC become more success. He also radically reorganized UTC by cutting the head office and decentralized decision making to business divisions, because he knew that he must gave every division the sufficient authority as well as the responsibility to make them perform better [1]. * Organizing According to Fayol’s theory about administrative management, a top manager should have administrative duties more than the other manager below the line structure [1].

I think David has good administrative skill so he can organize people and project well. * Controlling He directed his accounting staff to develop a new financial reporting system that would give him good information about how well each division was doing and made it easier to hold divisional general manager accountable for the performance of the units under them. * Leading A leader is a person who can give influence to other [2].

When David asked Ito to follow him to work in UTC, Ito accepted it, so I’m sure David has influenced Ito. Moreover, David can lead his team into success, and it shows that he is a good team-leader. * Developing He developed the organization by developing the human resources within it. He gave the employees chances to improve themselves, such as UTC’s scholarship for employee and UTC’s awards. 4. There are 4 management competencies that a great manager should be possessed to.

They are technical skill, human skill, conceptual skill, and motivation to manage [3]. David seems to have human skill (he can both respect and control people), conceptual skill (he can see what is needed by the organization and he can concept some strategic solution to make the organization better), and motivation to manage (he has a big passion to manage the organization, it was proven by the amount of time he spent to be the CEO of UTC and Otis Elevator Company).

But, he seems to lack the technical skill; because it has been over 10 years he placed in CEO position, and didn’t work with some technical thing, so it is supposed that he had lost most of his technical skill. Another proof is in the statement of Sandy Weill, he said “when somebody can’t do the job, he’ll try to help; but…” it means that he just tried to help, not help that person; I guess it happened because he was not really good in technical skill.

References 1. Daniel A. Wren, Arthur G. Bedeian, and John d. Breeze, The Foundations of Henri Fayol’s Administrative Theory, Management Decision, 40(9): 906-918, 2002 2. Anonym, Leadership and Influence, U. S Department of Homeland Security, 2010. 3. Chuck Williams, Management 4th Edition, Tomson Higher Education, 2007. MAJOR QUIZ 1 ORGANISASI DAN MANAJEMEN PERUSAHAAN INDUSTRI CASE STUDY: GEORGE DAVID BY: Wie Wie Chandra 411010026 UNIVERSITAS MA CHUNG 2011

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