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My Dream – Serving Justice and Protecting

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Since a young age I’ve been interested in serving justice and protecting those around me. At the age of ten i was nominated to become one of my schools safety patrols. This tittle gave me the power to protect and be a leader to those around me. From this experience my want to become a DEA agent unfolded. People ask me why do i want to become a DEA agent in specific and my community and the place I’ve grown up in really has made in impact in this decision.

iving in a neighborhood where kids as young as twelve years old are selling dope to fiends, and where crime rate increases by the years made me come to the realization that i could help make a change. Dealing with drugs, and drug trafficking in the Unites States will give me hope for the future. DEA agent training would be great to get involved in to try to help keep illegal substances off the streets.

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My Dream – Serving Justice and Protecting
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In the process of becoming a DEA agent, it is important to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Field’s such as forensic science or criminal justice in which relates to the work ill be doing as a DEA agent. The DEA Agent training facility is located in Quantico, Virginia, new agents attend training for 16 weeks where they receive the following training practical applications, tactical training, firearms, legal training and ethics. Prior to getting to this stage one must be 21-36 years of age, in a great physical condition and you must be a U. S citizen. To do so you must pass a drug test, polygraph test, background check, medical examination and psychological assessment.

After undergoing all these test and assessment you will have to wait for a response. DEA Special Agents are generally hired at the GS-7 or GS-9 level, depending on education and experience. Upon successful graduation from the DEA Training Academy 25% availability pay will be added to your base and locality pay. After graduation, the starting salaries are approximately $49,746 for a GS-7. After four years of service Special Agents are eligible to progress to the GS-13 level and can earn approximately $92,592 or more per year.

An excellent federal benefits package is offered, this means being eligible to enroll in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program, as well as the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance, coverage under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). Additional benefits consist of training, relocation expenses, you will also earn vacation and sick leave according to your years of service. Becoming a DEA agent you have many options as to where you want to work and the position you would like.

I would like to be working undercover, investigating suspected drug traffickers, inspect finances, arrest suspected drug law violators, confiscate illegal drugs and more. As well as many paperwork would have to be done and these cases may take weeks to be able to come to a conclusion. A DEA agent is a tuff job and you have to devote a lot of time into doing so. Your life is at risk every time you step out, this is the right job for me because i like the trill. Also, knowing I’m helping making the world safe is priceless.

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