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The novel “Dead Poets Society”

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Dead Poets Society visualizes the conflict between realism and romanticism as these opposing ideals are presented to the students at this single-sex boys’ preparatory school. Walton Academy is based on tradition and excellence and is known for its strict structured lessons formed by the realistic and anti-youth administration. Every time a new season begins, hundreds of parent’s leave their sons in the strict hands of Welter’s staff hoping they will end up prepared to educate as doctors or lawyers.

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The novel “Dead Poets Society’ written by N. H. Cleanable is set at a preparatory school called Walton Academy. At the welcoming ceremony for new pupils, Mr.. Nolan is introduced and explains the main principals of the academy, which are tradition, excellence, discipline and honor. Keating, the new English teacher, who has been a pupil there many years ago, gets introduced. He is inspired by values such as passion and love, which he integrates in his classes.

His slogan is CARPER DIEM, which meaner “seize the day’, therefore he wants his pupils to think on their own and become individual persons.

Some boys re-found the “Dead Poets Society’, which they covered looking for information about Keating at the library. This is a secret club, where the boys meet in a cave to read and write poems to express their emotions. Because of these meetings, the boys’ lives change. Charlie Dalton gives himself the new name “Unhand” as a prank against the school.

Todd Anderson loses his shyness. Knox Overstress and a girl fall in love by talking about poems. Neil Perry finds his passion in acting, and he even gets to be the main character in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, which makes his father angry. The father therefore rings Neil home and wants him to go too military school, which makes Neil so sad that he commits suicide Neil. Keating is held responsible for the suicide by Neil’ s parent’s and the school administration. He therefore gets fired.

Shortly before Keating will leave school to take his last items, the boys step on their desks, despite the director’ s orders to sit, and shout: “Oh captain! My captain! ” as a thank you’ to Keating. The story ‘Dead Poets Society takes place at the Walton Academy, which is located long time away from the civilization. This rural setting is critical for the school as it moves the influence of the civilization, which is shown by one of the “four pillars” of the school tradition’.

The school is placed in New England, which is known for it’s old and British traditions. This is shown in the book where traditional Scottish music can be heard during the first meeting in the new season. These things show how the students and teachers of the school are getting used to the traditions Walton can offer. John Keating is the new teacher at Walton, and Nolan introduces him at the first a very good British School and that he has to replace the old English teacher who had o retire. John Keating graduated from the academy many years ago.

Many people were surprised by the fact that Keating was the new teacher, since his teaching methods are unorthodox compared to a normal teacher, especially at Walton. Keating is a big inspiration for the boys in the book. They learn to seize the day and to live their lives the fullest. He is therefore one of the reasons for Neil to commit suicide, as Neil wants to be remembered as a legend. Keating wants the boys to live their lives in an extraordinary way. Keating tells the boys that they should call him “O Captain!

My Captain”, which is a poem about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The assassination of Lincoln and Settings removal from teaching, which is his biggest passion, can be compared, as Lincoln died for what he told the world, and Keating symbolically “died” a similar death through the process of being fired from his teaching position at Walton for going against the standard teaching methods. I do not think that Keating is a main character in the book because he looks more like a source of inspiration for the boys than a real character.

But the things that the boys earn about Mr.. Keating drive the story that takes place through the book. He is therefore generating the drive in the book. Keating does not change his behavior or realizes that he is doing something wrong through the book, which supports my conclusion: Keating is not a main character in the book. Keating is, as I said earlier, not following the normal line of teachers. He supports a more freely tuition than his collaborates and encourages individuality: “Now, when you read, don’t Just consider what the author thinks, consider what you think.

Strive o find your own voice, the longer you wait to begin; the less likely you are to find it at all. ” The quote shows his passion for a more individual life and at a certain point in the book, Keating tells the boys that they should forget about all the things they have formerly been told about the correct way to live their lives. He wants the boys to look at certain things from different perspectives, even though it may seem stupid, because there are many ways to act, and every single way of doing it is so special. The boys idealize and worship Keating for his way of teaching.

Keating inspires his students to suck the marrow out of life”, which meaner that he wants his students to do something that makes life valuable itself. Even though it seems like Keating doesn’t have any limits about living the life, he has: There is a time for daring and a time for caution, and a wise man knows which is called for. “, he doesn’t want his students to do stupid things, they need to find their own limit, a balance between passion and discipline. Keating was, as I earlier said, a teacher in England where he lived with his girlfriend.

Keating and his girlfriend decided to break and therefore Keating moved to New England to pursue his dream and passion of teaching, and as he doesn’t have any girl to love anymore, Keating ‘pushes’ all his love into teaching and the students, which of Keating is all in all a good teacher who Just wants to help his pupils. He may be a little too creative and open-minded for a school like Walton, which is shown when he gets fired. It seems like the boys liked him, as he fast stole their attention and inspired the boys to learn more.

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