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Gary Soto

Analysis of “Fear” By Gary Soto

In his short story, “Fear”, Chicano author Gary Soto conveys that people can sympathize with what they fear and feel shamed for their actions and thoughts against it. He illustrates this by using his own experience in school as a prisoner to Frankie, an emotionally disturbed bully to show that he can somewhat understand why …

Black Hair by Gary Soto

“More than baseball” In the poem “Black Hair” by Gary Soto the speaker reminisces about a time in his young life when things might have been a little simpler. In great detail he remembers images of when he was eight years old, what he looked like and how he felt at that particular time. Three …

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Gary Soto

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The irony of Gary Soto “Mexicans Begin Jogging”

Gary’s Soto “Mexicans Begin Jogging,” describes an event that happened when he worked in a factory where illegal Mexican workers were employed. Although the poem is simple, Soto brings identity, ironic, drama, and imagery to his audience. The narrative reflects irony the speaker went through and the dilemma that Mexican Americans go through. The poems …

The Jacket by Gary Soto

Sometimesyou have to know to forget about the past and live the present. G ary sot thinks that his jacket stinked so bad “a jacket of dayold guacamole”it mad people run away , which ruined his life. Gary Soto explains this idea about be thankful for what u have which allows the reader to do …

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