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Film Paper – Dead Poets Society

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Film Paper – Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society

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Film Paper – Dead Poets Society
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I.         Why I chose to review the Film

            The world is a planet of reeking of extreme irony. Not much I can say but I blatantly roar those words aloud. Later in the paper, we will stroke the reason why. Those words are perfectly appropriate for the film in review, the 1989 Dead Poets Society.

            I chose to review and critique this film for many reasons. First is because the story is such a timeless one that it need not to be filmed, a novel with a plot like this will is a surefire way to capture the hearts of all readers, not to mention giving them a new perspective and overview on life, for the story makes us realize that no matter what situation we are drenched in, we should always follow our hearts.

 I choose to review the film because it is about the hunger of the youth to get away from the shadow of society, from the commands of the elders which are sometimes right, sometimes wrong.

Our parents are the reasons why we are brought up into this world, but there is absolutely no wrong in disobeying them sometimes for what we think is right, after all, it is us who I think that what the movie expresses is that not all the time society is correct and all the norms of society are not meant to be seen as patterns for our lives and not all things in life are meant to be done planning it, sometimes in a heartbeat, significant changes take place without us knowing it, but all those take place because of our decisions to follow the whispers of our hearts.

            Whether we are like the dreamy Welton boys or just about anybody else aspiring to be lawyers, doctors, engineers, novelists or even teachers just like Robin Williams’ character. The story of the film can be applied to virtually all our interests, professional or our aspirations in life aside from that. Me being a student, there is that innate dictation of my conscience that I should follow whatever it is that is in my mind, and most of all, what I perceive is right for me. And when the time comes when I am on my own in the field I have chosen, I will always remember that the key to success is following what I think is right and not what others say so.

II.        Point of the Film which relates to Human Services – Teacher-Student            Relations

            The camaraderie, trust and mutual respect between Keating and his students – the primary crucial point of the film is when John Keating is in the process of making his mark in the lives of his students, particularly the seven boys whose behaviors and outlook in life he dramatically changed. The teacher-student relationship is the defining theme of the film. Keating has done so by inspiring his students to think beyond what their academic subjects teach and in the story, through poetry and literature. I conclude that the role Keating played in the lives of the Welton boys should be seen by other teachers and aspiring teachers as their role model. Keating not only stood as a teacher for the students, but served as a second parent and a mentor in life. I think that yes, the relationship between the teacher and the students should not only be bound inside the formality of the school curriculum, but rather the students should never see the teacher as somewhat of an authority, for this would be the factor that will cause the students to be reluctant to state what is inside their minds for after all, even the teacher is not always right.

             Keating did exactly that, respected his students’ opinions and dug deeper than just to follow the curriculum, establishing rapport with his students and in turn, he becomes somewhat of a confidante as his students started telling him their grievances, secrets and sheer viewpoints, for virtually all of them want do not like their situations. It is as if Keating treated the students as his own sons, and more than sufficed his role as a teacher. The strength of the relationship between student and teacher and its effect was evident when Neil was profoundly influenced by Keating, as Neil makes up his mind to pursue acting, and not medicine which his father had wanted for him. That alone served as testimony to the profound changes in the outlook of Neil, as well as of the other students which Keating has brought about.

III.      Acquired Information from Watching the Film

            One thing I have learned from watching the film is the truth that one man alone can change his environment and it is not impossible for an individual to change the world as a whole. Furthermore, I have also learned that we need not be heroes, martyrs or prophets to make a lasting impact on our fellow men’s lives, for even the littlest of things could make big differences in our lives. And also, those little things, when they are done wholeheartedly, their effects undoubtedly would be lifelong. I have come to the realization that in the little things we do around us, lives are affected. Whether it is just giving some advice to a friend, unknowingly we are changing his/her life and giving him/her new direction.

            The appreciation of the simplest things in life and the jubilation in feeling inner peace and freedom are among the many things which I discovered from watching the movie. It is as if the appreciation of those little things is the key towards a more meaningful enjoyment of life itself. Aside from these, the value of friendship is what I have picked up. The strongest tempests may ravage your home, but a true friend never departs. Keating taught this to his students by way of example – became a friend, a teacher and a parent to them all.

            Rules, rules, rules; in a perfect world, rules are not part of the vocabulary. It never fails to amaze and irritate me why in all things there has to be rules. I still believe in the harmony which thrives in a perfect world. And why do people would want to command others to be like this, to be like that? Defiance of the rules of the world does not mean evil for sometimes, it is all one could do to follow the true longings of his heart. I just wish all people could be like Keating, but then again, that could never happen in our real world.

IV.      Reaction to the Film and Effects on my Career Interests

            The movie, as film critics would unsurprisingly say, is two thumbs way up, a film for ages. The moral in the movie is that not all in life could be controlled by the wants of the people around and the rules which they harshly implement. In watching this, the literary sense in me was awakened because I have literary interests of my own, and my plans to be a book author was rekindled. But the key to all success in all endeavors, like for example in writing is putting our hearts in it. Whichever career path I may choose, the thought of the film will still serve as a reminder to me that I should give all of my heart in pursuing and excelling in it.

            The reason why many people fail in their efforts to fulfill their ambitions is because they could not put their hearts above their minds. If I am to become a teacher, I would make teaching and the joys of it into my priority and not the money that will serve as the reward. Of course it is sheer hypocrisy to say that I am not aiming for the salary, but that comes a close second after the fulfillment of doing the thing I love most.

            The same goes for the film itself. Had the actors did not do their best in portraying their respective roles; the movies would have been a forgettable one. Had Keating only taught the students and not touch their inner souls, the students would have never found their true identities.

            Countless of values can be learned from watching Dead Poets Society, and all of them are vital to our coping up with everyday life. But the lesson and message which are conveyed by the movie is the essence of life – it has to be lived at the fullest by following all our dreams, for no one can ever foretell when we are going to leave this world.


Internet Movie Database Inc. (2000). Dead Poets Society (1989). Retrieved July 13, 2007, from



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