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Mrs Beast – Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy


Words: 1387 (6 pages)

Carol Ann Duffy’s Mrs Beast is a poem surrounded with many simple yet complex understandings and meanings. However written from a feminist’s point of view I believe that Mrs Beast is based around the idea of women dominance verses women’s insecurity. Mrs Beast as a title is very ambiguous because it can give the reader…

Carol Ann Duffy: Stealing

Carol Ann Duffy

Words: 2271 (10 pages)

Interactive Oral Commentary: Stealing My name is Kate Sampson and today I will be analysing Carol Ann Duffy’s poem, Stealing. To begin with, I will provide some background information to help put the themes in this poem into context. It was published in the 1980’s during Margaret Thatcher’s Prime Ministership, it is essentially a political…

On “If” by Rudyard Kipling and “Kipling” by Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy

Words: 1196 (5 pages)

The doctrines of idealism and optimism are demonstrated in the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling. “If” advises the reader to achieve qualities and reach for perfection. “If” is answered in the book, Answering Back by Carol Ann Duffy’s poem, “Kipling”. Duffy’s response to “If” is appallingly contrasting in mood, diction, structure, and challenges Kipling’s ideals…

Philip Larkin and Carol Ann Duffy Poems

Carol Ann Duffy

Words: 3375 (14 pages)

The concept of Poetryand its implications are explored extensively by Larkin and Duffy, both poets agreeing that the destructive quality of death makes void of all the time and effort we invest in life. Larkin seems to demonstrate a cold fear towards this inevitability by distancing himself from the reality in ‘Ambulances’ and ‘Dockery and…

Poem Analysis: Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy


Words: 934 (4 pages)

Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy The poem Medusa explores the theme of jealousy and anger; the poet illustrates this using the extended metaphor of a Greek mythological creature Medusa, whose story describes her as a beautiful maiden that is turned into a hideous creature after being raped by Poseidon. The poet furthermore links this metaphor…

Biography of Writer Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy

Words: 500 (2 pages)

Carol Duffy is the current Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom being the first female, Scot and LGBT to hold this position. Born in Scotland on 23 December 1955. She was appointed to this position in March 2009. She is also a Professor in of Contemporary Poetry at Manchester Metropolitan University. The poet also writes…


December 23, 1955 (age 65 years), Glasgow, United Kingdom


Dame Carol Ann Duffy DBE FRSL HonFBA HonFRSE is a British poet and playwright. She is a professor of contemporary poetry at Manchester Metropolitan University, and was appointed Poet Laureate in May 2009, resigning in 2019.


The World's Wife 1999, The Bees 2011, Standing female nude 1985


Ella Benson


Awards: E. M. Forster Award, Lannan Literary Award for Poetry

Parents: May Black, Frank Duffy

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What is Carol Ann Duffy most famous poem?
Prayer'. One of Carol Ann Duffy's most popular and frequently discussed poems, 'Prayer' is a Shakespearean sonnetShakespearean sonnetSonnet 73, one of the most famous of William Shakespeare's 154 sonnets, focuses on the theme of old age. The sonnet addresses the Fair Youth. Each of the three quatrains contains a metaphor: Autumn, the passing of a day, and the dying out of a fire. › Sonnet_73Sonnet 73 about the various reminders of prayer – heard in the rhythm of a train, or the sound of piano scales, or the familiar routine of the radio shipping forecast – which we experience in our daily lives.
What is in your mind Carol Ann Duffy about?
"In Your Mind" is a free-verse poem that explores someone's daydream or attempt to escape from the reality of the present and travel mentally to another country. There is a strong hint that this someone is a worker who is very bored with their work and might also be confused and self-questioning.
What is the theme of text by Carol Ann Duffy?
'Text' by Carol Ann Duffy is a short poem on the poetic feelings regarding the modern format of communication, “texting”. Carol Ann Duffy discusses how she feels while texting her dear ones in her poem, 'Text'. At the beginning of the poem, the poetess reads some messages on her mobile phone repetitively.
What type of feminist is Carol Ann Duffy?
Duffy's poetry has always been strong and feminist. ... This position is especially well captured in her first collection, Standing Female Nude, in which the title poem consists of an interior monologue comprising a female model's response to the male artist who is painting her image in a Cubist style.

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