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Death of Benny Paret

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Death of Benny Paret

It is no surprise that America thrives on entertainment provided to us by the media, even at the expense of others’ welfare; a preeminent example is boxing. Constantly, everywhere arenas are filled each night by the public who anticipate being able to witness a possible fight of a lifetime. Although those who come out to see the invigorating performance do not all root for the same competitor, there is only one reason people truly come out to watch such barbaric acts, and that is the one thing that the fans all have in common.

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Death of Benny Paret
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Of course if the competitor of one’s favor comes out in victory, it automatically is a reason for celebration, but the real reason that the arena is filled and the crowd goes wild is because of the knockout. Excitement is built up not by the fighter but by the idea of seeing a good show. No one eggs on the dodging, weaving, or dancing around the opponent’s fists, the fans only encourage what they solely come to see which are punches being thrown; there is no concern at all about the aftermath or the condition of the fighter, just the pure satisfaction of feeling entertained.

Journalist, Norman Cousins, proves just that through the unfortunate headline story of prize fighter, Benny (Kid) Paret’s death after a relentless boxing match in 1962. After several intense blows to the head by his opponent, Emile Griffith, Paret was put into a coma by the end of the twelfth round when the match was finally finished. The misfortune went even further when he was pronounced dead by the ninth day of his coma. Speculation arouse shortly after Paret’s death concerning who should be held responsible for the loss of his life; where should the blame be put? Some said the ref was at fault for not ending the fight soon enough while others blamed Paret’s manager for putting him back in the ring too soon.

Those against both theories believed that the audience should take responsibility. Although the fans take no part in Benny Paret’s death physically, they are arguably responsible mentally because without the fans to come see the performance, there would be no show. The fans thrive off the matches while ironically, the fighters thrive off the fan support and praise which only comes from witnessing a good fight. So the question remains, is the audience responsible?

It is easy to put the blame on others when one does not want to be at fault, but in such a complicated situation as this, it truly is not easy to determine who should be charged guilty. Any situation involving the loss of someone’s life is never one to take lightly, but the focus also should not be on something that may never be solved. The article makes convincing arguments regarding who could possibly be responsible for the death of Benny Paret, but none of the arguments have enough evidence to blame any of the accused. Accidents do happen and in cases such as this one, the only realistic solution is to accept that it was only an accident.

In the end, what happened was a tragic accident, and it is unfortunate that people continue to support such violent behavior, but that is just another part of the world we live in. Accidents will happen, and people will always try to blame others for what they believe is wrong; we just have to learn to accept it for what it is.

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