Debate About School Uniforms

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There is a large debate that goes on nationwide, should schools require students to wear uniforms. There are various reasons why schools are making the switch regarding their student’s attire. When the schools are debating if they want to make the switch or not they are putting their student’s well-being first. There are many factors that go into the decision making process including, safety, equality, and school pride. Once making the switch schools often see improvements in many factors of a student’s life at school. School uniforms are necessary due to the fact they put the focus on learning and not clothing, they create a safer environment, and they have less of a financial burden on parents.

When schools make the switch to school uniforms they can see better grades in students because their focus is on their grades instead of their clothing. Students can be less self-conscious about how they look and worry about more important things. This can help improve student lives because it can reduce drama and reduce the pressure of wearing the “right thing”. Students who are often bullied lives also improve. The children who are bullying based off of clothing appearance and financial status have fewer problems. In bigger districts, they can also class time by not having to worry about students breaking the dress code.

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School Uniforms create a safer environment for students because it gives everyone a sense of belonging and fitting in. When students feel like they belong they have more respect for their school. Caring for your school can make you make better decisions when representing your school. When you have respect for your school there is fewer vandalism crimes and a lowered presence of gang activity. Plus, in the event of an emergency, students would be easier to spot because they are all dressed similarly. Overall the uniforms provide more discipline.

School Uniforms are better on parents because they can be more cost-effective than other clothing options. School uniforms can be as simple as polo shirts and khaki pants. Some schools only require that you have two full sets of uniforms. This can dramatically reduce the cost parents spend on clothing items per year. This also reduces the pressure of buying designer articles of clothing in order to compete with classmates. The uniforms make everyone equal appearance wise.

School uniforms are necessary for schools for various reasons. They help students achieve better grades. They also help give a sense of safety at schools. There also very cost efficient and not a big burden on parents. Uniforms have so many benefits and all schools should seriously look into adopting them into their system.

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