Why Not School Uniforms is a Good Thing

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In this essay, I will talk about why and why not school uniforms is a good thing. Teenagers spend about 6 hours every day sitting on their desks and doing schoolwork. Some schools also require school uniforms. Some people think this should not be required because it does not allow students self-expression and are not affordable for some people. While other people think it should because it makes everyone feel equal.

Firstly, I think that school uniforms do not allow students to express themselves because if you do not let them decide what to wear, they do not get to express themselves. Clothes plays a big role and reflects their inner thoughts and feelings. If they would have to wear school uniforms, they could not express themselves and show who they are. Some people like to wear lots of different colours while other don’t. School uniforms are not comfortable and when they are in school for over 6 hours every day it is better to wear something you are comfortable with.

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Secondly, uniforms are not affordable for some families. The parents will have to buy the clothes, and they will not have the choice of type or price of the clothing they buy. It will also mean that they must buy uniforms as well as clothes for their child to wear when they are not at school. Most parents do also buy a lot of things for their children hobbies and are not always left with money for school shopping. They do also often have more than one child. This means if they for example have 2 children, they need to buy 4 uniforms because they need 1 to wear and 1 the other as a backup for when they are cleaning the other one. They also need to get more things for their children hobbies and the parents will be left over with less money.

School uniforms can also be a good thing. Wearing school uniforms can help people gain more self-confidence. There are a lot of problems in school. Many students wear expensive clothes and others wear cheap. The students can easily see who is rich and who is not. This makes a big difference between students and creates discrimination. One of the biggest problems is bullying. Students are being harassed physically and socially because they do not wear the right clothes. This is not good and wearing school uniforms would help fix this problem. Wearing school uniforms is an old tradition. It has a big meaning for a lot of students. It does also make a better school environment. School uniform have existed for a very long time and many schools still use them.

In conclusion, wearing school uniforms is better than letting the students choose what they want to wear. Yes, it is expensive for some families, but it will prevent bullying and make a better school environment. When the students would get used to wear them, they would not think about it and it would make it better for the students in school. It does also stop the problems that takes the focus off education and makes it easier for the students to learn.

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